Mayor Megan Barry supports launch of Tennessee Minority Pages

Tunisia Johnson Scott, president, publisher/CEO

Tunisia Johnson Scott, president, publisher/CEO

The long awaited launch is here. May 21 is the official launch date of the Tennessee Minority Pages, 26th Edition. Tunisia Johnson-Scott, president, publisher/CEO of the company and her team are elated to receive the support of Nashville’s first female mayor, Megan Barry.

Tennessee Minority Pages was formerly known as the Tennessee Black Pages, with an invested legacy and solid history.

As the excitement continues to build for the 26th Edition online launch, it’s almost impossible to wait without a sneak peek.

Tennessee Minority Pages is poised to be one of the premier business directories in Tennessee and beyond. The wide realm of listings, professional networking, mixers and support to altruistic events supported by Tunisia Scott, merely scratch the surface of quality and diversity.

The tangible publication, social media strategizing, business blogs and community coverage are professionally grounded and very accomplished. Blogs such as ‘Spotlight Tennessee’ allow Tennessee Minority Pages members to be highlighted and featured in a thorough manner. Readers can picture themselves in the spotlight and benefit from the positioning.

The 26th Edition has been skillfully crated from cover to cover. Each page has a distinctive story to tell and the journey of each subject matter is intriguing and memorable.

Mayor Barry presented Scott with a formal welcome and congratulatory letter and stands in full support of the launch and future of the venture. Nashville is definitely on the rise in the areas of business, growth and strong entrepreneurship. Their business success stems from a strong, connected team. After she gave honor to God, Scott shared the benefit of the team behind her and the prospects of what is ahead for Tennessee Minority Pages.

Tennessee Minority Pages will prove to be an asset and a credit to their members and the mid-state as a whole. Members are not limited to this area. Anyone interested in professional enhancement and advancement is welcome to inquire.

May 21, 2016 is going to be an epic and historic day for the Tennessee Minority Pages.

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