‘Tree’s Tea’ combines history, Southern charm, sensational taste

Founder/CEO Tresa Sanders

Founder/CEO Tresa Sanders

Hang on to your seats and wet your whistles people. ‘Tree’s Tea’ is bound to convert everyone to drinking tea. Well, that was the case with this writer—a slowly transitioning Yankee to Southern girl. Tree’s Beverage & Catering Company is the parent company for Tree’s Tea and more.

‘One hundred percent authentic southern styled’ and ‘best served with ice’ are a few of the words used to describe the refreshing brews. Coffee is my normal drink of choice but after sampling just a few flavors of tea, I was hooked. Nashville born and based, the variation of mixes such as Pineapple, Mango and Bertha’s Brew is advancing and traveling well. Shugg Avery Tea, Lemonades of various shades and flavors aimed to please are the thrust of customer satisfaction.

Founder/CEO Tresa Sanders (Asert Srendas) says that with an order and a plan they will make it happen, including: trade shows and VIP events, private or public. A household drink beginning as a tribute to her grandmother, Ms. Bertha, is growing by leaps and bounds. All blends are handmade southern styled sweet tea.

‘Berta’s Brew’ is one of the creatively unique mixes that has become unforgettable and requested often. More? Yes there are many and at press time the formulated mix list was still growing.

Lady Tree is a living example of success stemming from keeping her eye on the proverbial prize and moving forward. A dream comes true in a small business with a big heart and invaluable drive.

It’s been called “some of the best tea anywhere and definitely brewed to quench the most distinguishing thirsts.”

The growth surge and demand of Tree’s Tea has taken their branding and marketing plan up so rapidly that inquiries and messaging is currently being routed through their Facebook page. Tastings, samplings and memorable experiences are sure to happen when the tasters’ are open and receptive.

The beverages are best served on ice and are geared to satisfy pallets of all ages—with or without a spirited kick.