Valuing human life

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

I assume it could go without debate that the consensus of most people is there’s nothing more valuable and sacred than human life.

This being the case makes it hard to understand why there isn’t more empathy and compassion to empower the downtrodden and marginalized people in the world. The lack of a unified effort on the part of the masses in the world working collectively to improve the plight of hunger, suffering and injustices occurring among their fellow brethren throughout the world is hypocritical.

It is ironic how the masses of people adhere to or conform to rulings of governments and dictatorships that have little if any tolerance or patience in improving the humanitarian rights of their subjects. The masses shouldn’t have to wait approval of their hierarchy to do what is inherently right. Valuing human life is a divine mandate and shouldn’t be subjected to the whims of apathetic men.

Love for family friends and people generally are a universal concept regardless of where you live. However, governments and political regimes manipulate the masses for esoteric self-serving purposes usually for power, money, control, and greed. To meet their self-serving objectives they work laboriously to keep groups of people in contention and dispute against each other even to the point of creating wars for financial gain for themselves and co-conspirators. The ability of these self-serving harbingers of injustices to continuously go uncontested is a detriment to the global interest of all people.

Pain suffering, oppression, inequities, injustices, and other forms degrading or devaluing the human condition go uncontested in many cases due to the lack of people uniting and demanding change—even to the point of a world revolution to unseat factions guilty in supporting these controlling and demonic forces. Too often, our religious or spiritual values keep us from combating these vestiges of evil, looking for divine intervention to correct these iniquities toward the downtrodden and underserved. The messengers bringing truth and attention to the real culprits of hate and human suffering are often eliminated by the forces complicit in manipulating and controlling the masses.

What may be surprising is that there is such a small group of people working in unison controlling the masses. Regardless of the propaganda devised by governments, there is a divine message that love for your fellow man trumps man’s intervention. In the future, I truly believe that our universal love for each other will conquer hunger, suffering, and humanitarian injustices worldwide.

Sometimes I wish we would be more adamant in protesting and fighting human indignities as we are in advocating for animal rights. I truly believe love and the capacity for goodness is inherent in us all, but it must be cultivated and nurtured in a positive environment. We are what we are shown and taught. Therefore the greatest teachers of love should be adults paving the way for the younger generations to come. We all must accept responsibility for the world we live in whether you consider it good bad or indifferent. Being silent and acquiescing from the injustices and iniquities occurring around you don’t make you innocent. In fact, you may be the biggest culprit in allowing these vestiges of evils to permeate.

Making this a better world will not come about because of our governments but the masses of people coming together and collectively working together for the good of all—because all life is precious and sacred. Let the adage ‘we are our brother’s keeper’ mean something. This is my hope and dream for a better world. Do your part to bring this dream to fruition.