Unique Gents hold annual Founder’s Day Celebration

Councilwoman -At-Large Erica Gilmore

Councilwoman-At-Large Erica Gilmore

The Unique Gents will host their 12th annual Founder’s Day Celebration on Saturday, June 11, beginning at 10 am. This year’s celebration will be held at the Goodwill Lifsey Building located at 937 Herman Street.

The celebration is held each year to honor the founder of the Unique Gents, the late Edward M. Mullins. Mr. Mullins recognized the importance of influencing young people in a positive manner. He served as a mentor and teacher to the current members of the organization and became a tremendous influence in the growth and development of future leaders in our community.

The guest speaker for this year’s event will be Councilwoman-At-Large Erica Gilmore. The program will include special awards and refreshments. The theme for the celebration is ‘Building a Legacy of Service for the Community.’

All are invited. For more information, contact Ricky Cole at <rvcole@bellsouth.net> or 772-1668. Visit the Unique Gents website at <uniquegents.org>.