Bullying not an option says 12-year-old author Robyn Gordon

Robyn Gordon

Robyn Gordon

Stop Bullying, written by author Robyn Gordon, asserts that bullying unfortunately can be attributed to clothing trends. One size doesn’t fit all and anyone may be targeted. Twelve-year-old Gordon is an honor student, but she knows firsthand that no one is exempt. Stop Bullying is easy to read and the images coincide with the words. The design work is by Edward Eick.

Stop Bullying was born out of Robyn’s personal experience with being bullied. She was bullied by a few of her fellow elementary students on the school bus, and it was devastating for her to say the least. She also witnessed other children being bullied and observed bystanders doing nothing to help the victims or stop the attacks.

Robyn didn’t like what she saw and wanted to be a part of the solution, not the problem. Her book’s travel has taken on a life of its own and is being shipped nationwide. In addition to those blessings, Stop Bullying has created a platform for the young author to speak and motivate others through this movement.

In addition to being an impacting author, Miss Gordon is an accomplished singer, songwriter, community activist, pre-teen beauty queen and mentor. Under the direction of founder/CEO Tiffany Love Harden (‘Once in a Wifetime’ founder/CEO for ‘Beauty Behind Bars’), she is the current reigning ‘Miss Junior Unite’—a unique awareness pageant celebrating inner beauty and self esteem from a relevant, but entirely different platform. Her stop Stop Bullying literary project is presented in an easy to read, understandable format.

The illustrations define the verbiage, helping readers follow along and internalize the book’s purpose. There are many movements and support organizations today that address bullying and the stark realities of this malfeasance.

Another key honor that has the talented 12-year-old beaming with pride and thanking God daily is when she and her family received the news that her book was inducted into her school’s library. She attends West Creek Middle School in Clarksville, Tennessee.

None of this had instilled bitterness or fear into her young heart and soul. As her literary, speaking and music careers continue to soar, Robyn Gordon remains humble, grounded and never stops thanking God for all he does for her and her family.

Her mother is Lady Treva Gordon, and her father is Rev. Robert Gordon of Mile High Church based in Clarksville. She has two brothers, including Tevin who is an awesome student and is focused on athletics; and Robert, Jr., an active duty United States Navy sailor. They support their little sister to the moon and back. Certainly without God and family first, none of what she does would be possible.

It’s safe to say that all of the activities and organizations Robyn is affiliated with celebrate her quality of life and leave a legacy for others. Stop Bullying is obtainable through Gordon Publishing Ministries. Visit the website at trevagordon.com.