Deborah Stricklin ministries of passion and grace

Minister Deborah Stricklin

Minister Deborah Stricklin

On a cold night under the Jefferson Street Bridge, earlier this year, my dear friend Ms. Frankie and I attended the noted Bridge Ministry services. We were fortunate enough to hear the dynamic keynote speaker of the evening, Min. Deborah Stricklin. We later found out that this powerful woman of God is an accomplished author with an impacting, powerful testimony that can immediately reduce the strongest person to their knees in prayer and gratitude.

What stood out for this writer were the similarities to my own life and testimony. Her current books: The Journey Come to the Mountain, The Tempted and Required Sacrifice are all keys to discovering your truth and God’s grace and mercy. Another literary gem by Stricklin coming soon is In the Stillness. Each book has illustrative artwork on the covers and is compact enough to slip into purses, book bags, even a pocket for quick reads and ministry references.

Min. Stricklin is not just a stellar author, she (and her family) worships and serves faithfully at their church, Cornerstone Nashville. They’ve been active members for over 20 years. Rev. Maury Davis is senior pastor supported by First Lady Gail Davis. Stricklin is a Bible teacher and credentialed minister with the Assemblies of God. She and her supportive husband Jeff have been married over 28 years and have three beautiful adult children. They assist in the ministry and kingdom work too when possible.

Through it all, Deborah remains humble and she knows no matter how chaotic, uncertain or unpredictable things may get or what life hands us—prayer is the key, along with unwavering faith and trust in God.

As she continued speaking freely that night under the bridge, encompassing the attentive audience, each person listening had to be blessed by her words of personal truth and wisdom. Surely it wasn’t a hard thing to do, as her beautiful blond hair frames her sculptured face housing that effervescent smile. The endearing smile is part of the audience joy and retention. Beautiful inside and out, Min. Deborah Stricklin and her dynamic books (Dream Releaser Publishing Co.) tell a different story but all carry the same message.

Sacrifice Required speaks about the pivotal moments we face when we must choose between ourselves and self-sacrifice among other topics.

The Tempted warns us about the distances that may exist between us (as humans) and out loving creator, with guided words and scripture to help the wayward get back on track. Come to the Mountain helps us learn to live out of a full heart. This book speaks of powerful mountains such as Mt Sinai, representing places where people sought refuge in God’s presence. The Journey immediately notes that “dreaming God-sized is not for the faint at heart. Much courage, self control, wisdom, humility and patience is required as God allows the process of dream fulfillment in our lives.”

Minister and author Deborah Stricklin remains a gracious soul and one of God’s earth angels who cares ands shares whenever possible.
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