82 new laws take effect in Tennessee Friday

As July rolls around, dozens of new laws will go into effect in Tennessee on Friday.

The legislation will touch multiple areas of concern, including wine sales, gun control and driving regulations.

One of the most highly anticipated measures focuses on certain grocery stores and gas stations being licensed to sell wine.

More than 400 locations have received their licenses already. Those locations will be able to sell wine officially on Friday, starting at 8 am.

Another measure that has received attention will allow faculty and staff at public colleges and universities, including the University of Tennessee, to carry concealed guns on campus.

Employees who want to carry on campus will be required to register their weapons with campus police.

Drivers also need to be aware of changes coming Friday.

Legislation known as the ‘slow poke’ law will make it possible for slow drivers to be ticketed for driving in the fast lane.

The law will only apply to major highways in Tennessee, and tickets will result in a $50 fine.
Other legislation taking effect includes topics such as educational spending, DUI penalties and processing, and sexual assault and abuse.