Phase One founded to assist men in transition

Melvin Breaux gives information about the services of Phase One (photo by Wanda Clay).

Melvin Breaux gives information about the services of Phase One (photo by Wanda Clay).

Approximately six months ago, Melvin Breaux found himself without employment and health benefits for the first time in his adult life.

Breaux had been employed in mental health for the past 20 years and a case himself for the past 16 years. He now found himself in the position of many of his former clients—‘without.’

Prior to his job loss, Breaux had made himself available to a number of men, not always those who were clients on his job, who sought counseling. So it is no surprise that he chooses to begin the development of a program to aid men in the midst of change.

Rather than seeking employment, he began pursuing a dream that would give assistance to men in ‘change’ seeking ‘transition’—resulting in the founding of Phase One.

Breaux says that Phase One, a not-for-profit organization was “created out of true need to address the needs of urban and rural communities, by providing direct services and education in partnership with other agencies.”

“The intent,” Breaux said, “is to provide resources to assist the current concerns of individuals as well as looking back to the individual’s past.”

Recently, Phase One became Phase One, Inc., a 501(c) 3. The concentration presently is on “Phase One, daily bread and Teach One.”

Phase One is a transitional support program for men, which includes connecting the individuals to needed resources, setting goals and developing relationship skills. Phase One also provides needed supplies, such as, bed sheets, if in halfway housing.

Daily Bread disperses food bags, gift cards and other donations.

Teach One is an education model program designed to educate participants on relationships, health and wellness issues and legal issues.

The words, ‘change’ and ‘transition’ are key words for the work of Phase One.
Phase One, Inc. has over 27 partners. Those partners include the following: Clark Memorial UMC, health organizations, retail stores, community organizations and Omega Lambda chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

To obtain additional information about Phase One, contact Melvin Breaux by e-mail at .