Jamie Lynn, author of Her Life and Recovery Ministry

Jamie Lynn Hendrick

Jamie Lynn Hendrick

Jamie Lynn Hendrick is humble and charismatic as ever, beautiful inside and out, powerful as necessary, and always a women of God on duty and on the move. She is an author, entrepreneur and ministry leader. A proud mother and a developed communications professional, Jamie is taking it out of a whole new door with her testimony and guide from a troubled life via her captivating new book: Diamond In The Rough, published by Gordon Publishing.

From the table of contents to the end of the book, Diamond In The Rough is 78 pages of raw uncut testimony about how one woman found a way out and moved on to help others do the same. It’s a real page-turner, and she hopes that her readers agree. Even the ending ‘salvation prayer’ is quite impactful. She dedicates the book to her daughters Briana, Mariah and Rylee. It’s a simple but loving tribute in which she states: “You three girls inspire me to be better every day. I love you all very much. I pray that you will all walk out the calling of God on your lives.” She is utilizing the book at confirmed and future speaking engagements, select book signings and anywhere that she and her team feel it will be useful.

A ‘broadcast journalism’ graduate of Austin Peay University in Clarksville, Tenn., Jamie utilizes the art of communications in her daily walk of life. She can be found sharing the word of God in any setting. With her model looks and stunning figure, she is often asked things like: “Do you model or are you a beauty queen?” She’ll thank the asker and immediately give God the credit for any and all of it.

A sought after motivational speaker, this writer says that Diamond In The Rough was birthed out of her ‘brokenness.’ She wishes that each reader takes away whatever the book instills in him or her.

But even more importantly, Jamie feels that after reading it they should walk away knowing that God has a plan for everyone—no matter what.

“It’s not about the mess ups,” said the pretty as a peach, take no hard knocks Jamie. “It’s about our relationships with Jesus Christ that counts. Don’t have one? Get one soon.”

Out of the 10 chapters in the book, there is a chapter on forgiveness—a matter that everyone can relate to on some level. Diamond In The Rough is a good, easy read and compact enough to fit into any computer bag, purse or carry all.

But don’t let the size fool you, because some of the best things have been known to come in smaller packages.

Her official website is under construction, but until then Jamie has a Facebook Ministry which can be found at: <www.facebook.com/jamie.figueroa>.