Second annual ‘Know Your Worth Women’s Relationship Conference’ set

Aaron Jordan, Jr. (photo: ‘Know Your Worth’ brand)

Aaron Jordan, Jr. (photo: ‘Know Your Worth’ brand)

Last year’s ‘Know Your Worth Women’s Conference’ was spectacular and successful from any perspective. This year founder/CEO Aaron Jordan, Jr. promises to take it out of a whole new door—or literally off a beautiful purple carpet, complete with VIPs and room for everyone to sashay elegantly.

On October 2, ‘Know Your Worth’ presents their second annual ‘Know Your Worth Women’s Relationship Conference—Come Walk the Purple Carpet In Nashville.’ This year’s impacting guest speakers and participants include: Lady Shaunte’, Stellar Award winning radio personality and mistress of ceremonies; Tiffany Harden, speaker and CEO of Once In a Wifetime’; Jae Henderson, bestselling author and speaker; Michael Warren, author, speaker, and radio personality; and noted ‘reality TV’ stars and ministry leaders, Marcus and Latisha Tankard.

As it did last year, a portion of the event’s proceeds will benefit the Mending Hearts, Inc organization. Based in the heart of Nashville, Mending Hearts welcomes all clients who are seeking change from a life of drugs and alcohol addiction.

Aaron Jordan, Jr. saw a need for professional relationship counseling and to teach (in some cases minister to) the importance of healthy relationships. Jordan says the dynamics of any relationship is based on good, clear communications and the willingness to work it out with the partner. He has firsthand experience, both for his walk in life and from being in a healthy, whole relationship. Aaron has been married to the beautiful Ashley Jordan since 2013. He is called by many names, including: award winning author, speaker, teacher, ministry leader, successful entrepreneur—and of course, the face and voice behind the ‘Know Your Worth’ brand. He is a proud member of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity, Pi Eta Sigma Chapter. Aaron has proudly won the Indie Authors Legacy Award: Author of the Year in Personal Development in Baltimore, Md. For more information, visit

His audiences consist of both men and women, but mainly women. Teaching was clearly a part of his calling. He doesn’t get it twisted, and he faithfully shares honest, key information with his eager audience via his impacting radio show Know Your Worth or in a seminar or public speaker setting.

“Know when your Boo is being straight with you” sounds catchy, right? Perhaps, but in order to reach deep, he goes deep. The ‘Know Your Worth’ brand is all about educating his audience (no matter what size) and about their invaluable self worth. If one doesn’t know his or her worth, one may have no worth and it shows in their daily walk. So often it’s the first step in allowing others to decrease another person’s value.

Aaron Jordan, Jr. has helped raise awareness about abuse, domestic violence, low (or no) self-esteem, self-loathing, substance abuse issues or spiritual bankruptcy. These are just a few subjects he has helped countless individuals with. This is the basis of the ‘Know Your Worth’ brand, which quickly became a global movement through Aaron’s hard work, social media and his radio show and public speaking.

His speaking engagements command the audience’s attention immediately because he is real and gets to the point. So join Jordan at the ‘Know Your Worth Women’s Relationship Conference – Come Walk the Purple Carpet.’

Tickets are affordably priced, and there is still time for sponsorships and to help support a deserving movement. The Sunday, October 2, event will be held at the Cool Springs Marriot, 700 Cool Springs Boulevard, Franklin, Tenn. 37067. Call (615) 208-3261; or visit