Jae-Frizz, multi-talented musician, artist kicking it up several notches

Jae Frizz


When we last caught up with the musically talented Jae-Frizz and asked him what his plans are once he graduates from Tennessee State University (TSU) later this year, he shared his new direction with us.

“I will continue my music career as ‘Jae-Frizz’ and be the best artist I can be,” he said. “I’m currently working with a label called Kompass, a company partnered with Kobalt & Big Yellow Dog Publishing. If all goes well, I’ll continue working with them as an artist after I graduate. I see myself as a very established Hip Hop artist who will create music that the world will enjoy. I’ll also work hard making ‘Rappino’ a very well developed and well-known genre. I also plan to make it a milestone of Hip Hop/Rap. I’ve got a lot of goals, and as I reach them and become bigger in the music industry, I’ll create more greatness and break as many barriers as I can.”

Jae-Frizz is a professional and accomplished musician (piano, saxophone), rapper, and music producer. He has been influenced by ‘Drake,’ ‘Kenny G’ and ‘Aaron Zigman.’ He continues to uphold his core priorities daily and hopes to continue being a positive influence to others, saying he would be just be “giving back what has been so freely given” to him. When time permits, Jae-Frizz mentors—and that form of tithing into the proverbial universe pays off in many positive ways for him. He is also a role model for other men of color, including men of all ages and from various stations in life.

Jae-Frizz is a well-mannered, squared away individual who smiles and humbly shrugs compliments off. He received high accolades and recognition from his music instructor Dr. Mark Crawford, and Jae-Frizz was excited and grateful beyond measure—saying he will continue to strive for greatness and live up to that bar. Dr. Crawford has been a coordinator of ‘commercial music’ since the fall of 1998. In his position he serves as the advisor for ‘commercial music’ majors, places interns, maintains a rapport with the music industry, and teaches within the ‘commercial music’ core. Jae-Frizz sees Dr. Crawford as one of his key mentors and holds him and the knowledge he shares through teaching in the highest honor.

Jae-Frizz stays in touch with his followers via social media at: SoundCloud, soundcloud.com/jaefriz; Twitter, @Jaefrizmusic; and YouTube, wwwyoutube.com/