Clark hosts 70th Annual Fish Fry on Friday July 29th

Mai Olive Lusk and friends attend the annual fish fry and enjoy the meal together

Mai Olive Lusk and friends attend the annual fish fry and enjoy the meal together

It’s time once again for the much anticipated annual Fish Fry (with barbeque). For the past 70 years, the United Methodist Men of Clark Memorial United Methodist Church have never missed having their annual Fish Fry. On Friday, July 29, the fish fry and BBQ will be held on the corner of 14th and Phillips Street, in North Nashville, from 11 am-7 pm.

It’s not just a ‘church family fellowship.’ Each year, candidates have placed this event on their calendars as a stop for campaigning.

“The fish fry is always the last Friday in July,” said one of the long-time volunteers. “Candidates running for public office stop by for a last moment of campaigning, shaking hands and meeting people to ask for their vote on the upcoming Tuesday—voting day. It’s a great time to meet some of the candidates.”

Tickets have been on sale for the past month. However, walk-in orders and phone call orders will be available on that day also. Deliveries will be available also by calling the church. There are several people that visit and fellowship. There are tables available for ‘dine-in.’

“It is actually a great time of camaraderie and support to the United Methodist Men,” according to coordinators.

“So many people come from other churches like pastors and members of other churches who have stopped by for years in support of this annual event. It’s hard work for the cooks, fish fryers, order takers, and prep volunteers. But it is well worth it to have one day of working together for the sake of community fellowship,” said Melvin Kirk, United Methodist Men president. “It is an example of how working together can be a good thing.”

Available on the menu are fish sandwiches or BBQ chicken sandwiches or a plate that contains fish or chicken along with a combination of the two sides, including baked beans, cole slaw, and spaghetti.

The youth at Clark provide the drinks and a plethora of desserts.

For more information on how you can make orders for your place of employment for pick up or delivery, call 615-329-4464.

Clark Memorial United Methodist Church is located at 1014 14th Ave. N. The senior pastor is Rev. Dr. Herbert Lester, Jr.