‘Beauty Behind Bars’ founder/CEO Tiffany Love advocates ‘genes vs. jeans’

Tiffany Love, founder/CEO of ‘Once in a Wifetime’ (photo by BBB)

Tiffany Love, founder/CEO of ‘Once in a Wifetime’ (photo by BBB)

Last year we covered the Beauty Behind Bars (BBB) annual conference at Vanderbilt Student Life Center, and it proved to be quite innovative and educational. Tiffany Love is the founder/CEO of the movement and the parent organization ‘Once in a Wifetime.’

Tiffany is also known as a ‘spiritual bondswoman’ for her staunch commitment and strong belief in God—also for being a continuous life changing force in the lives of others. This year’s event is hosted by Once in a Wifetime on Saturday, July 30, from 10 am to 4 pm at the Vanderbilt University Student Life Center. This venue is located at 310 25th Avenue South, Nashville, Tenn. 37212. To help women who cannot afford to attend the event, Love implemented a ‘She Lost Hers, Donate Yours,” conference sponsorship support option.

This year’s theme is ‘Liberty in Nashville,’ and conference registrants can expect some dynamic and powerful speakers this year, including female and male speakers—all with a unique and different message of hope. This includes a workshop where Tiffany shares an effective analogy about “the jeans you wear vs. the genes you share,” using an array of tangible jeans and more.

This Beauty Behind Bars event is for the women of Nashville and surrounding Tennessee cities. Other BBB events are hosted around the country and negotiations are underway to include other countries.

BBB helps women/girls break away from mental incarceration and the self-imprisonment of domestic violence, human trafficking, low self-esteem, doubt, depression, suicide, and dream killing.

The conference teaches accountability, how to pick up the pieces and press forward, how to accomplish dreams/goals, saying goodbye to negativity or bad relationships, and the importance of loving self from the inside out.

Tennessee was recently named as a state with an increase in domestic violence and quickly climbing into the top 10 in statistics of human trafficking.

Due to these alarming rates/statistics in the state of Tennessee, the conference is being hosted to teach innovative methods for getting help, and how to identify when you are mentally incarcerated, self-imprisoned, or in unhealthy relationships/ domestic violence situations. The community and national support for BBB is ever growing and increasingly recognized on various levels. Love recently received a letter from United States Sen. Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) to be recognized at the July 30 event. The Senate recognition is for the effective works being completed in the community. “You are no longer on mental death row. You are on blessed row,” said Love.

For more information and registration, call 615-746-7779 or visit .