Fifty Forward assists elderly in ‘Victory Over Crime’

Many elderly people have found themselves caught up in a scam, a hustle, a crime, falling victim in the simplest ways. What seems to be an answer to financial concerns of the elderly has often become a means for criminals to obtain thousands of dollars (life savings) and pension checks, by offering ‘pipe dreams’ to the victims.

In addition to the aforementioned scenario regarding finances, there are several other crimes that are aimed at older adults who are set as “easy targets.” There are crimes of physical and mental abuse.

Fifty Forward Living at Home Services is receiving funding provided by the United Way of Metro Nashville with a supportive program, ‘Victory Over Crime.’ VOC is a free program that supports older adults who have been victimized by crime.

“Caring professionals help victims to overcome the trauma of crimes such as neglect, financial exploitation, domestic violence, sexual assault, mail or phone fraud, burglary and physical abuse,” said program organizers.

Older adults and those who qualify for this program must be at least 50 years old, a victim or close family member, live in Davidson County and not involved in the crime.

If one is familiar with someone that meets these criteria, they can be referred to community services for therapy, support groups, medical needs, housing and/or alcohol/drug treatment.
There are many areas that the victims can benefit, including: care management, legal advocacy, in-home services assistance, and counseling support.

In addition to the criminal support, the elderly will also benefit from this program with in home assistance that includes activities of daily living, light housekeeping, meal preparation, grocery shopping and transportation.

As the crimes are very sensitive and the victims are often embarrassed by what has happened or simply uncomfortable with the situation, all calls are kept confidential.

To receive additional information about this program, call 615-743-3417.