‘Ladies Lipstick and Luggage Conference’ crosses cultural boundaries

Cha Jones, founder of Expat Women of Color and Global Bound Consulting (photo courtesy of Women of  Expat).

Cha Jones, founder of Expat Women of Color and Global Bound Consulting (photo courtesy of Women of Expat).

An interview with the soft-spoken Cha Jones proved to be quite enlightening. Cha is the founder of Expat Women of Color and a seasoned, well-rounded expat. She shared some highlights of the upcoming, August 11-14 ‘Expat Women of Color — Ladies Lipstick and Luggage Conference,’ including some information about the Boarding Pass Intercultural Program.

The event’s venue is the Embassy Suites Nashville Airport located at 10 Century Blvd. Nashville, Tenn. 37214. When booking accommodations online it is suggested you use a select registration code (BNAN AES-CJC-20160 811) Expat Women of Color. The same code may be used if contacting the venue directly. Call 615-871-0033.

For three and a half days, registrants may chose to pay as they go ala-carte style for each portion of the conference or select one affordable fee for an all-inclusive package. A few of the event highlights range from a speakers brunch, ‘naked networking,’ powerful seminars and writing workshops. An array of kindred vendors, K.I.S.S. (Keep It Sexy and Simple) make up for every occasion. The Saturday night gala is themed ‘Pretty in Paris’ and is a sure showstopper. No doubt attendees will be dressed to the nines. Gala night alone promises to be a night to remember. The Pretty in Paris gala is a vital part of the event fundraiser.

The Boarding Pass Intercultural Program is an international cultural learning program that allows high school students the opportunity to travel abroad on their first international trip, experience culture in an original environment, get a glimpse of another language, and participate in cultural arts and entertainment activities.

The focus is on educating young women to communicate across cultures, but it also introduces them to travel. Many of these students would otherwise never leave the comforts of their own neighborhood, but the program helps them to understand other people, respect other cultures, and realize that most people are more alike than different.

The mission of Expat Women of Color is to provide women who are living, working, studying, or traveling abroad with resources, workshops, educational tools, and support to help them maintain a quality of life away from their perspective countries of origin.

Empowering women through beauty, fashion and travel, the conference is an international feast of knowledge and enjoyment.

Award winning Artist Avery Sunshine will perform at the Saturday gala. Cha and her team invite everyone to come out and get their lipstick on in Nashville.

For additional information, contact the Expat Women of Color office at 615-732-2672. View or send a message through their official website by visiting ladieslipstickandluggage.com.