NMEOR embraces Music City

NMEOR group pic

Pictured (L-R) Uchendi Nwani, the Millionaire Barber, Music City Barber School,Samantha Pointer, Get it Together! Monchiere Holmes-Jones, MoJo Marketing + PR, Marquita Miller, Host of #NoMoreExcuses #NMEOR; Faithpreneur and President/CEO of Five Star Tax and Business Solutions, LLC and MarquitaMiller.com , Tim Davis Business Coaching and Seminars, Teri Harrison, Feaerless and Fabulous Worldwide and Cory Beal Sr Re-Kindled Dreams.

MEOR is the acronym for ‘No More Excuses on Results,’ created to help conference attendees and clients overcome any obstacles and move forward. The events are designed to encourage and empower individuals to release all excuses and to focus on result-driven actions. A six-city tour across the U.S. includes: Kansas City, Mo.; St. Louis, Mo.; Atlanta, Ga.; Orlando, Fla.; and Nashville, Tenn. Each tour stop is facilitated by Marquita Miller, founder/CEO of NMEOR and selected, qualified speakers in each city.

Marquita Miller wears a myriad of diverse hats including, but not limited to: accountant, author, public speaker, contributing writer for Black Enterprise magazine, wife, mother, mentor and devoted woman of God. As president/CEO of Five Star Tax and Business Solutions, LLC and MarquitaMiller.com, she saw a need for others to succeed and be as successful as she has been blessed to be in life.

Out of this vision, Miller launched NMEOR, and over the years many entrepreneurs followed this ‘faithprenuer’ direction and achieved their own versions of endless success.

Held at the downtown Avon Williams Campus of Tennessee State University, the Nashville NMEOR stop included a stellar lineup of professionals specializing in various areas. Each one spoke on their specific area of expertise. As they spoke, it was so quiet not a sound could be heard. This by no means was a dull night, and during the sign in and networking period upbeat, dance worthy music was played. The ever popular rhythm and blues tune ‘Ain’t No Stopping Us Now – We’re on the Move’ commanded at least a toe tap if not a full on shuffle from most.

Hosted by Miller and Eddie Guinn, the Nashville business panel lineup included: Cory Beal, Sr., Re-Kindled Dreams; Monchiere Holmes-Jones, MoJo Marketing and PR; Samantha Pointer, Get it Together!; Teri Harrison, Fearless and Fabulous Worldwide; Tim Davis, Tim Davis Business Coaching and Seminars; and Uchendi Nwani, the Millionaire Barber, Music City Barber School.

Miller noted that nothing of this magnitude is done alone and such an epic series requires commitment, a level of serious dedication and much hard work. Her family joined her, including: husband, Tommie; and two daughters, Teyana and Teaira.

Faithprenuer Miller and her spouse believe in leading by example. They began teaching their children that although it is okay to work for someone else for a while, the end goal should be to be business owners. ‘Faithprenuers’ should show unyielding faith in God and take action as entrepreneurs—hence the ‘faithprenuers’ concept.

Bridgette Moody of BAPM Enterprise (“unleashing passion, potential and purpose”) is the 2016 lead event coordinator for GlobalReach Media, social media and video sponsor. Black Enterprise, Five Star Tax and Business Solutions, Newmark Grubb, Right of Way Paving (‘We stripe it right’), and TSU were corporate sponsors. An array of specialty vendors was on hand and presented a bevy of useful services and products. The networking alone is worth the price of the event ticket.

A light, healthy but tasty buffet of food was on hand, and cold drinks were served. But due to the ‘hang on the edge of your seat’ speaker presentations, attendees barely put a dent in the spread. Aaron Jordan, Jr. of Know Your Worth Radio assisted with local media coverage.

Each speaker was captivating, and their message insights and individual life experiences evoked thought and emotion from the audience. Some events of this magnitude may leave the attendee fighting sleep, but not this one. Motivation and high energy should have been captured and bottled for later. The quotes alone were riveting and will prove to be quite memorable, including: “Wake up and be aware that today is the day”; “Multiple income streams is where it’s at”; “You don’t have time to waste time”; “Relationships can make or break you”; “Stay the course for what you need to do and shift to a greater level by this time next year.”

The night ended with a closing prayer led by Rev. Marcus Tankard of the hit Bravo TV show Thicker Than Water. He is the son of Benjamin and Jewel Tankard an international power couple, and also a vital part of a large, popular family. He and his wife Latisha Tankard share a ministry specializing in family and marriage matters.

Together they have a one-year-old son Micah, a.k.a., Baby Mikey, who has his own series of fans via daily social media postings. For more information about future NMEOR tours call 816-444-0004 or check out the websites or www.MarquitaMiller. com.