Dr. Princess Fumi-Hancock: How to Quit Your Job in 30 Days

Last updated on August 19th, 2016 at 10:07 am

Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, the Princess of Suburbia and author How to Quit Your Job in 90 Days. photo: Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock Media

Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, the Princess of Suburbia and author How to Quit Your Job in 30 Days (photo: Dr. Princess FumiHancock Media)

Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, a.k.a., the Princess of Suburbia, is a versatile, talented and amazing woman of God. She continuously leads by example and takes life but not others too seriously. I learned this when we met briefly in person, and from reading her social media postings over the last couple of years. However, her credentials and professional training and internationally earned accolades over the years will say otherwise. Being an accomplished author of several books has all but given her a ready made readership and audience for her latest book, How to Quit Your Job in 30 Days.

The book is an invaluable resource for people who need a career change and are open to change and relevant suggestions. Hancock has received rave reviews from major news stations, press and Internet outlets. Charted as having amazon.com bestselling list potential, Dr. Hancock continued that buzz when she launched Facebook and YouTube segments, challenging viewers to keep it moving.

The author is introduced as Princess Fumi S. Hancock, M.A., Ph.D., bestselling author, NAFCA African Oscar and Indiefest Film award winner,African Heritage leadership recipient, TV personality, international transformation interventionist, philanthropist, screenwriter, filmmaker, wife, mother and dear friend to many.

Such an introduction may prove to be quite valuable for all the things that she has done, is currently doing and will do in the lives of others. As a nurse, wife and mother the nurturing comes naturally and no handbook or guide is necessary.

The concern for others is almost a given. As a professional who has weathered all facets of life’s storm (on more than one continent) her drive to give back and teach also comes naturally.

Dr. Hancock’s television show, The Princess in Suburbia, (to date) enjoys over 2.4 million viewers. Visit the website at princessinsuburbia.com. She is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA); a premier member of the Women’s Speaker Association; the International Writers Guild;’ the International Society of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses; Romance Writers of American – The Voice of Romance Writers; the ISPN; Dare.org; and the Adumori RoyalDynasty ADASSA (Princess Fumi Ogunteye) – Inspirations from the Palace.

Accomplished by many measures right? Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock remains humbled and knows that she is blessed beyond measure.

Her legacy is deep, heavy and real as it gets. Without trust and faith in God and doing her part to uplift and make the lives of others better on a daily basis, she feels that it is in vain and a terrible waste. To learn more about her or any part of her ministry, see her website: www.worldoffumihancock.com. She invites and encourages a social media following.

Visit the website at www.facebook.com/fumi.hancock.