The Lord is my light and my salvation

Dr. Robin H. Kimbrough

Dr. Robin H. Kimbrough

We are living in dark times. Most of our conversation and what we hear on the media stems from an upcoming controversial presidential election. If it is not politics, our ears hear over and over again information about terrible acts of violence.

There is so much darkness surrounding our communities and world. Not only is darkness around us, but there are many people who are in the dark. They are lost. They are confused. They have no faith connection. They are in the dark. For those of us who believe, we must remember these words of David, “The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear.”(Psalm 27:1).

We must hold on to the light. No matter how dark the world gets or our circumstances look, we know that the Lord is our light and my salvation. The Lord is our source of hope and deliverance. Whatever happens, we do not have to fear the darkness, because the Lord is our light and our salvation.

Most of us, when we were children, we were afraid of the dark. We were scared because we could not see things clearly and the vague images we could see looked scary in the dark. When my son was younger, he did not like being in the dark in the bedroom because the artificial tree, to him in the dark look like a monster. This is what the dark can do to each of us. The dark can play tricks on our minds, and prevent us from seeing our circumstances clearly. As a result, become frightened.

To deal with my son’s fears and assure him that it was an artificial tree, I would cut on the light. This is good news to us today. When we come against the darkness, we need to turn on the light, read God’s Word, pray, fast, and trust in the Lord, because the Lord is our light and our salvation. We do not have to fumble in the dark. We have a light that keeps burning without a wick, without NES, without a generator. The light we have burns with an oil called grace, and it never goes out, and no one can turn it off. This light restores, delivers, and rescues. This light illuminates the truth and gives us strength.

No wander David opens this Psalm with “The Lord is my salvation who shall I fear,” then closes with these words, “Be of good courage, wait, I say on the Lord.”

In this life, darkness will come.

Enemies will attack us, but the Lord will hide us. We will be forsaken, but God will take care of us. However long the wait or how long we must endure, we have the assurance that the Lord is our light and our salvation.