The privilege of knowing God

Minster Lois Brown

Minster Lois Brown

While we meet a tremendous number of people in our lifetimes, we sometimes feel particularly privileged to know certain individuals, e.g.: godly role models, a childhood hero, or someone wh o was there to help in our times of need. Still, as wonderful as it is to have these distinctive people in our lives, the greatest privilege of all is to know God.

Often people get saved and remain satisfied with this first step because knowing a few facts about God is enough for them. If they are asked, “Do you know God?” most will say that they do. But there’s a vast difference between knowing facts about God and personally relating to Him. Believers should continually be growing closer to the Father.

When people go through life depending on themselves, they never really know God. He will reveal Himself to a heart that is honest and transparent, but not to one that’s full of pride and arrogance. It is in our brokenness and helplessness that we discover just who the Lord is.

By spending time with Him, you’ll discover you are privileged indeed.

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