Back2School Explosion shares generations of success and more

Pictured (l to r): Ke-Zayus Whitlow; Derrrick Headlines Hayes; grandmother, Mrs. Vickie; great grandmother, Mrs. Agnes; and mother, Shelia (not pictured  Aunt Schanita)  [photo by D. Culp].

Pictured (l to r): Ke-Zayus Whitlow; Derrrick Headlines Hayes; grandmother, Mrs. Vickie; great grandmother, Mrs. Agnes; and mother, Shelia (not pictured Aunt Schanita) [photo by D. Culp].

The north Nashville based Beech Creek Baptist Church mission is a community based house of worship that places great emphasis on God’s love and community. The recent Back2School Explosion was successful through the months of planning, hard work and sincere dedication of all who participated and supported the event.

Rev. Davie Tucker, Jr.; First Carla Lady Tucker; host David Horner; and hostess Terri Lynn Turner couldn’t have been prouder when layered generations of church members, family, friends and sponsors seriously joined the humid Saturday afternoon event. Not to mention that it was all done on the heels of a funeral/home-going service. A tasty, nutritional light meal was served, and there was plenty for everyone. Event organizer John Gannett kept everything going like a well oiled machine.

Speakers and vendors came from near and far and each delivered powerful messages officially and non- officially before the opening prayer kicked the day off and priceless memories were created. TSU graduate, hard working entrepreneur, motivational speaker, specialty artist and author Derrick Headlines Hayes (of Columbus, Ga.) made the trip to give back. Of his many talents, Hayes is known internationally for having the unique ability for turning names and words into positive messages literally within seconds.

He calls these specialties ‘Derricknyms.’ While at TSU, he began his ongoing business success during his freshman year, with three packs of hot dogs. By selling them to hungry students, Hot Dog Heaven was founded. Paying his way through college with hot dogs gave Derrick the inspiration he needed to begin teaching other people how to launch and run their own businesses. After a realm of life successes Derrick quickly learned to give back and to reward others.

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One of the ways he does that is via his Today’s Honoree Blog. Today’s Honoree is a blog that gives people a chance to nominate or be nominated for an award by their peers. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are or how much or less money they may have, they qualify. Each Today’s Honoree has to be nominated by someone other than themselves. It’s a great way to give back to someone whom the nominator feels should be recognized “while they are still alive to receive it.”

Presenting goodies from Pathway’s Women’s Business Center and also speaking was Renee Bobb. She is an authority in the field of self-publishing and small business development. Her company, R.B.I. Enterprise is a training and development firm, specializing in career empowerment, small business development, financial empowerment and book publishing training. Tina Pool, founder/CEO of Tomorrow’s Leaders for Change and her young daughter were there leading by example. She carried the message that bullying does not work anywhere with her Fighting Against Bullying (FAB) t-shirts. Inadvertently stealing the show at one point was 15-year old Nashville high school student (and photographer) Ke-Zayus Whitlow, with his eagerness to serve unselfishly. He was praised by his church home, Beech Creek Ministries, and by his generations of proud family women, including: mom, Shelia; grandmother, Vickie; great-grandmother, Agnes; and aunt, Schanita.

The afternoon continued with performances by Rena Lewis, I.T. Creswell Arts Magnet School; Jordan Williams, music artist, and various speakers. There was pre-K through 4th grade student activity assisted by the Black Child Development Institute, Nashville affiliate. Well-deserved recognition goes to ‘Just Imagine’ summer reading school supplies, with words of recognition and encouragement to Alesia Hunter, program director.

Beech Creek Ministries believes in inspiring “God’s people to discover their purpose in life and through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Equip them to become agents of change in their homes, in their communities and in the world.”

They provide a fishing rod, teaching the art of proverbial fishing, instead of giving a fish.

The event was so successful it won’t be long before plans are underway for the next Back2School Explosion and other invaluable outreach programs.

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