Have Faith the Movie premier showcases national, regional talent

Bell family: H. Bell IV, executive producer/writer; son H. Bell V; and wife Sharita Bell. photo: Habkkuk Films

Bell family: H. Bell IV, executive producer/writer; son H. Bell V; and wife Sharita Bell. photo: Habkkuk Films

The long awaited movie premier Have Faith the Movie, the story of a modern day Joseph, is on the way and will launch Friday, August 26, in Clarksville and Nashville, Tenn. H. Lee Bell IV, executive producer/writer (and a Tennessee State University alumni), wife Sharita Bell and son H. Lee Bell V are more than elated. H. Lee Bell V even has his first speaking part in a major movie. If that‘s not enough, the film boasts of an all-star regional and nationally acclaimed cast.

Talent includes Terron Brooks, (Emmy Award winning series Temptations, All About You, Daddy’s Little Girls); Gary Sturgis, (Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Pride); Brooklyn Tankard, BRAVO TV star, entrepreneur, vocalist, musician and proud mother; and cast members LaToya Gardner; Shante King; D. Xamon Glasper; and Ray Williams, with a repertoire of stage, screen and film credits, including another blockbuster film titled Keyed also produced by H. Lee Bell IV.

Howard L. Bell IV has 11 years in the film industry in entertainment promotions. His lovely wife and co-producer Sharita Bell is an educator. Together they have one son, Howard L. Bell V, who plays Miles Dizzy in the movie.

“It’s imperative that we fill both (Clarksville and Nashville) theatres this weekend, or the film won’t survive the weekend. The movie is good, wholesome, faith based family entertainment, set to appeal to a wide audience,” said Bell IV.

It’s a Black film production, all God driven, down to the fantastic cast and crew. However the simple message of love, forgiveness, and having sheer faith is designed to capture the attention of anyone—Black, White or otherwise.

“How can a person in a fixed industry do whatever they do, do it for Christ? Be Christ like doing your job, whatever it is. He had a life changing moment that involved a level of embarrassment and pain, which convicted him to immediately do better, strive for more. Whatever you do, you should do for Christ,” said Bell IV.

Jeremiah 1-5 says, “I know you before you were in the womb. I set you apart to be a part of the nation.”
Bell and his wife believe in the message the film carries. Funding for the film came from a myriad of sources including: credit cards, savings, donations and fundraising. He and his wife both have a full time jobs.

Bell IV said that he is promoting the movie by watering his seed. God will take the vision that he has for it and make it happen. All who purchase tickets will increase opportunities for other Black filmmakers. They will be following in Bell’s footsteps by bringing other productions to Nashville and beyond.

The film will be playing at the Regal Clarksville 16 in Clarksville and at the Regal Hollywood 27 100 Oaks Shopping Plaza, and the Regal in Nashville (check both theatres for actual show times). Merchandise available includes t-shirts, posters. Autographed posters by all cast members will be available, along with embossed leather bracelets. After all 7 pm shows there will be question and answer sessions with members of the cast.

Bell thanks Nashville and Clarksville for their support and joins many others in hoping that the film will catch and spread like a positive wildfire throughout the nation. Tickets can be purchased in advance via Fandago.com or at the box office.

For more information, visit Fandango.com and Havfaiththemovie.com