In pursuit of gold

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Citizens of the United States of America as well as spectators throughout the world were in awe at the memorable performances and resilience manifested by the American Olympians representing our country in the 2016 Summer Rio Olympics. Words fail to adequately express how proud and honored we felt as Americans for those who relentlessly represented our country through their outstanding and memorable feats, competing in the 42 Olympic categories covered. This year’s Olympics truly highlighted the beauty, strength, and courageousness that we as a nation can resonate when we work together as a team, in the best interest of our country.

Those athletes present during the 2016 Summer Olympics, especially those representing our country, were nothing short of a beautiful woven tapestry that manifested a brilliance that was not to be ignored. The diversity with so many ethnicities showcased or represented during the Olympics offered an open playing field for equality and the possibility for success for all participants.

There is so much we as a country can learn from our American Olympians who were so eager in their quest to make us proud—and that they did. In every sport represented, we found Americans performing with a vengeance to seek gold, silver or bronze medals for our country.

With so much internal turmoil occurring within our cities, we were reminded of what is good when we all are given the opportunity and platform to serve and represent this country that so many of us love so dearly. No the Unites States is not perfect, but without a doubt it is the best country in the world when compared to all others.

As an African American, I was reminded that when given the opportunity and adequate resources people of color along with their White counterparts could maneuver unprecedented heights. The accomplishments manifested through their actions transcended any doubts about what they can accomplish.

During the Olympics, one saw the annihilating of myths and stereotypes from naysayers and racists questioning targeted groups of their God given abilities. One could not help but arrive at the conclusion that certain things are destined through proper preparation and uncompromising determination.

Nothing cements the truth from those in doubt like than seeing with their own eyes the presence of excellence in pursuit of achieving a desired goal. The Olympics offer a platform to highlight the best of all people in their quest for perfection, barring none.

There were so many Americans obtaining gold medals in their given venues, especially in gymnastics, track and field, swimming, basketball and rowing that it would be an insult to mention names with the possibility of leaving one name out. All American medalists and participants were appreciated and worthy of our admiration and praise. The hard work and sacrifice that they endured for the past four years preparing for the Olympics makes them all role models and worthy of being emulated.

I don’t stand alone in personally thanking the American Olympians for causing young people to dream and pursue the light within—to be the best they can be, regardless of the trials and tribulations that may befall them. These young athletes personify tenacity and perseverance. They give us hope and the realization that anything is possible with hard work and an iron clad constitution. But the biggest lesson I learned was that our united love, working together, is the glue that sustains this country and makes it the greatest country in the world.

I would like to thank the Olympics for providing citizens in our country, especially our youth, a clear platform to appreciate what’s good in this country, inspiring us to never give up in trying to achieve our dreams and to continue in the pursuit to make this country greater.