Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Annual Youth Day of Praise

St Matthews Holy Missionary Church Youth Choir sings praises. (Photo: D. Culp)

St Matthews Holy Missionary Church Youth Choir sings praises. (Photo: D. Culp)

The recent Nashville-based Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church’s annual Youth Day Celebration of Praise set the tone for more ministry greatness. Rev. John Drake, First Lady Valerie Drake, the event committee speakers and youth all beamed with pride and a sense of grounded accomplishment. This year’s program consisted of two separate services with ministers speaking on each program.

At the 11 am service, special guest Rev. Ricky Bynum of the Gospel United Missionary Baptist Church brought the word. The 3 pm service included special guest Rev. Tommie Payne and the St. Matthews Holy Missionary Church family. In between the services, Macedonia served a sumptuous full course, home cooked meal complete with a variety of cold drinks and fresh baked deserts.

Chairperson Sister Pristine Smith and her co-chairperson Sister Keyondra Campbell did an excellent job of combining ministry with down home southern hospitality. Alice Campbell taught a powerful Sunday school class that morning, but she too was also a vital part of the youth day committee. Whether the day’s attendees were Macedonia members or guests experiencing the church for the first time or returning, those goals were accomplished.

The small but powerful church is located at 1749 22nd Avenue North at the corner of Buchannan St. in Nashville. Macedonia is 81 years old, founded by Rev. W.L. Phelps. It’s a church with a rich Christian history that spans the decades.

The youth day celebration tradition has been successfully carried on for 60 years. There is an event program allowing the youth to be a part of and participate in the ministry and to show appreciation for church values and in our society as a whole. Mother Charmin Maupin led the church in foot tapping, soul stirring hymns and spirituals during both programs. Her musical gifts extend to playing the piano until temporary health issues arose.

It’s always an honor to see our children go out into the world and be successful and to come back bearing good news and praise reports. Sister Alice Campbell is the matriarch of a three generational family, which includes event Co-Chairperson Keyondra ‘Key’ Campbell, her daughter, and her son Jonathan Parks. Young Jonathan is a student at Nashville Tech College but maintains his love and respect for his home church and ministry. He assisted in ushering for the program and was a pair of hands wherever needed as well.

The youth day was amazing, and soon plans will be well underway for next year’s event. This year’s theme was ‘It’s Time to Wake Up’—taken partly from the current events of the carnal world and from an invaluable Bible verse: “And knowing the time, that now it is high time to wake up out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand. Let us cast off the works of darkness and let us put on the armor of light,” Romans 13: 11-12.

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church holds Bible study on Wednesday at 6:30 pm (EDT), and regular worship services on Sundays at 11 am (EDT). Visitors are welcome. Come as you are.