Welcome to The Mindset of this fall’s college freshmen

Mindset List authors Tom McBride Ron Nief Charles Westerberg

(l-r) Mindset List authors Tom McBride Ron Nief Charles Westerberg.

Each August since 1998, Beloit College has released the Beloit College Mindset List, providing a look at the cultural touchstones that shape the lives of students about to enter college. Welcome to the Beloit College Mindset List for this year’s entering college class of 2020.

We have had the NOW generation…get ready for the RIGHT NOW generation, entering college this fall. This fall’s entering college students, the class of 2020, were born in 1998 and cannot remember a time when they had to wait for anything.

Although they think of themselves as a powerful generation—Sanders voters, consumers—they are faced with the prospect of student loan debt and of robots and foreigners taking their jobs making them feel anxious and weak.

“They know that they’re going to have to wait for that first breakthrough job and getting their school loans paid off.” said Tom McBride, one of the List’s authors. “They’re an impatient generation learning how to be patient.”

The Beloit College Mindset List is created by Ron Nief, Director Emeritus of Beloit College Public Affairs; Tom McBride, Professor Emeritus of English; and Charles Westerberg, Brannon-Ballard Professor of Sociology. Additional items on the list as well as commentaries and guides are found at: www. themindsetlist.com.

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The Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2020
Students heading into their first year of college this year are mostly 18 and were born in 1998. These are some of the items on this year’s list. Since they arrived on this planet….

There has always been a digital swap meet called eBay.

There have always been Cadillac Escalades, but they just don’t seem to be all that into cars.

West Nile has always been a virus found in the U.S.

Vladimir Putin has always been calling the shots at the Kremlin.

Cloning has always been a mundane laboratory procedure.

The United States has always been at war.

Euros have always been the coin of the realm…well, at least part of the realm.

Serena Williams has always been winning Grand Slam singles titles.

The Ali/Frazier boxing match for their generation was between the daughters of Muhammad and Joe.

They have never had to watch or listen to programs at a scheduled time.

Each year they’ve been alive the U.S. population has grown by more than one million Latinos.

If you want to reach them, you’d better send a text—emails are oft ignored (And, by the way, there’s always been email and an internet for them).

They disagree with their parents as to which was the “first” Star Wars episode.

“Nanny cams” have always been available to check up on the babysitter.

NFL coaches have always had the opportunity to throw a red flag and question the ref.

Citizens have always been able to register to vote when they get their driver’s license.

Bluetooth has always been keeping us wireless and synchronized.

X-rays have always been digital allowing them to be read immediately.

A Bush and a Clinton have always been campaigning for something big.

Nigeria has always been a constitutional republic with a civilian government.

The once-feared Thalidomide has always been recognized as a cancer fighting drug.

They have never seen billboard ads for cigarettes.

The New York Stock Exchange has never reported its ups and downs in fractions.

Airline tickets have always been purchased online.

There have always been iMacs on desks.

Robots have always been surgical partners in the O.R.

Outstanding women basketball players have always had their own Hall of Fame in Knoxville, Tenn.

AND, there has always been a Beloit College Mindset List!

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