Women of Focus hosts Tea Party

 l-r, Wanda Clay and Geraldine attend the 2nd Annual Women of Focus Tea Party.

(l-r) Wanda Clay and Geraldine attend the 2nd Annual Women of Focus Tea Party.

Beautiful hats, gloves, and dresses were all an intricate part of the decor for the second annual Tea Party, hosted by the Women of Focus Book Club. As the ladies entered the room going down the hall and around the corner of the Bordeaux YMCA, they stepped into ‘Lunch At Tiffany’s.’

‘Lunch At Tiffany’s’ was the theme of the tea party, and the stage was set with elegant tables with a Paris theme and a black and white décor (the guests were also dressed in black and white attire). ‘Parisian’ music played in the background.

The room was set up with beautiful cakes and other desserts and tasty treats; many, many gift bags; an extensive display of bidding gifts for a silent auction; a showcase of authors; and a line of delicious foods—and don’t forget the ‘Eiffel Tower’ model that offered the added feeling of being in Paris!

Janet Walsh of ‘Do Come for Tea’ was the elegant instructor for the tea party. Walsh is an instructor of ‘tea etiquette’ and the history of tea. Following the lessons on how to sip tea, lunch was served by members of the Women of Focus and other committee members.

The luncheon was not the only highlight of the day. There were many gifts given through a variety of games.

Lunch at Tiffany’s Tea Party was a great source of inspiration as expressed through the word given by special guest Nelby Littleton from Temple Church. As the tickets to the tea party were in the form of a flight ticket, Littleton also used this theme to speak about ‘Taking Flight.’

In her message she said: “We take off when God says take off.” Sometimes planes are delayed, sometimes planes are grounded, and sometimes planes are diverted. She made the analogy to the story about the children of Israel regarding their direction.

She referred to the direction we are sometimes going, which is sometimes grounded, sometimes delayed and sometimes diverted. “It is not about my will but, God’s will. We are made to fly!”

Other people on the program included: Sarah McClain of Mt. Calvary, Madison, Tenn. who offered prayer; Cicely Jones, spiritual dancer; Cicely Mason, guest soloist; and Tara Pardue who served as host.