Iva Foster Ministries teaches the Yo Yo Faith theory

   Iva Foster Pace (photo courtesy Iva Foster Ministrires).

Iva Foster Pace (photo courtesy Iva Foster Ministrires).

Iva Foster recently became Mrs. Iva Foster Pace. But although her last name changed, her love for God, years of experience, and award winning talent certainly didn’t. Her groom, Archie Pace, would agree with any of these accolades about his beautiful bride. Iva is a staunch woman of God who always puts her best foot forward. Whether it’s belting out a sensational music note or giving back to the community or teaching the ‘Yo Yo Faith’ concept—she gives it her all.

Currently based in Clarksville, Tenn., the strong songbird has years of experience in the music industry and with life. She knows that without faith, no dream will come into fruition. Fans and newcomers alike can sample Iva’s music on September 9 at 5:45 pm, CDT, at the annual Clarksville Riverfest, on the Cumberland Stage. The event runs from Friday, September 8, to Sunday, September 10. Visit

She briefly shared her ‘You Yo Faith’ concept and analogy. It’s a heartfelt and true story about how she once wanted a pair of the popular women’s shoes known as ‘Yo Yos,’ a unique throwback from the ‘70s era. The women’s shoes with wooden soles and a hole carved in the heels remain as popular today as they did when they were originally created. At age nine, Iva remembers wanting a pair of the coveted kicks so badly that she practiced her unyielding faith in God and trusted in him for a pair of them, against all odds. The family couldn’t afford to purchase them for her, but she kept the prayers going.

“Even when my mother wanted to give up hope, I didn’t,” she said. “I kept praying and believing in God for the shoes, no matter how dismal it may have looked.”

Ironically her prayers were answered when a neighbor showed up to their front door late one night with a garbage bag of donated clothing in hand. The neighbor told Iva’s mom that she felt that her large family of children could use the items. Iva clearly remembered how they emptied the large plastic bag, which included a pair of Yo Yo sandals in Iva’s size.

Iva is a long ways from that night and blessed bag of donations, but she isn’t far from the same type of strong faith. She practices it in her daily walk and shares with others. The sultry songstress utilizes her faith and sheer joy for the love of God’s music in personal performances and packed concerts. Born and raised in Palestine, Texas to Evangelist Nelson and Patsy Cleveland, Iva is the fourth of eight children raised in a Pentecostal home. She is also the granddaughter of noted believers, Rev. Louis and Barbara Jones. Being a ‘p.k.’ (preacher’s kid) sometimes worked like a double edge sword. It was great on some loves, but on others not so great. The other girls could wear pants, but not Iva and her sisters.

Amazingly enough, those differences alone caused the girls unnecessary ridicule that led to fights—all to prove themselves and to combat bullying. Her singing became her life raft, an outlet for wafting emotions. She knew then that it was a gift from God just for her. Granddaddy Jones was her biggest fan, motivator and protector. His love and nurturing carried Iva through some of life’s toughest moments. He used to tell her “she was a pretty brown skinned girl that was destined for greatness.” She honed her spectacular voice with events for 10 years as a praise and worship leader. Involved in various church, community and civic events and engagements, she wrote her first cut in 2012 titled ‘Free Me.’ This wasn’t released until 2014 as a part of a complete CD project titled Only God. She has been back in the studio, and soon eager fans and audiences will be wowed by her new music release titled: ‘What Will it Take?’

Gospel artist, actress, singer and songwriter Iva Foster Pace took center stage in the 2015 stage play by Tanya Davis titled From Crack to Christ. Both her acting ability and on point vocal performances garnered her standing ovations and screams from the audience for more. She can sing anything that has a note and speak what doesn’t.

Like any proud American, Iva can resound the national anthem (and ‘God Bless America’) with the precision of a well-oiled machine. There is not enough room to showcase all of this women’s finery, however her music can be purchased via the Google Play Store and the Riverfest is coming up soon. For more information see www.ivafostermusicministries.com. That is also where you may catch a video of the non-traditional bride serenading her new husband at their wedding.