Lord, hear our cry?

Min Lois Brown

Min Lois Brown

“Hear my cry O God; Attend to my prayer,” Psalms 61:1.

Sometimes life can truly catch us completely off guard. We are faced with the ‘storms of life’ and we begin to feel helpless in them. But we must realize that the storms didn’t come to break us. They came to strengthen us. Sometimes we lose fellowship with the Lord, and these storms draw us back to Him in prayer and fellowship.

Some of you are crying out for Him to deliver you from life’s situations and circumstances. He is saying: “I have seen your tears. Evening, morning and noon, I cry out and He hears my voice,” Psalms 55:17. The times that you thought that He had left you, were the times that He was carrying you through. What a fellowship!

You can stop crying, because He has seen your struggle and your heartache. He’s about to turn some things around for you. Keep praying and keep trusting Him. He will deliver you out of your storm, because He has heard your ‘cry.’

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