Vivian Wilhoite and North Nashville hold empowerment session


Those in attendance were very attentive to the information given about home/land ownership.

The community gathered for a different kind of Empowerment session in mid-August. Vivian Wilhoite, Davidson County Property Accessor, joined the Buchanan Area Neighborhood Association on a panel, the North Nashville Home/Land Owner Empowerment session at 1003 Buchanan Street.

As Nashville grows in record-breaking numbers, it is important for residents to learn as much about their property and land as possible. It has been disturbing that many people are selling their homes for mere pennies while on the same street others are accepting offers that are more comparable to a deserved price.

While selling homes is a big issue, there are other issues that homeowners are facing. A variety of issues were discussed. The high attendance was noted to be a “clear indicator that residents have a strong desire and appreciation for information that helps them make informed decisions,” said topic presenter Tonya Sherrill.

A wealth of knowledge was shared, including the true role of the ‘property accessor.’

Vivian Wilhoite explained exactly what that meant so as not to get it confused with the duties of a ‘tax accessor.’ She also shared information about property tax freeze, property tax relief, and how to appeal property tax increases.

“We are thankful for Co-sponsor of the session Vivian Wilhoite, Davidson County Property Assessor, for her support and commitment to educating constituents about the role of property assessor and for providing information about services and options that are available to citizens,” stated coordinators.

Kelly Bonadies, founder/ CEO of BUD, LLC gave information on how homeowners should “sell smart or stay.”

Dwayne Bell, president of Excel Realty Co., shared information on using the land for a joint venture partnership; Sandra Counce, Buchanan resident, discussed information on how homeowners can file a claim for a property lien and adverse land possession; Edgar Covington, Fonder and CEO of Covington’s Family Care talked specifically to the seniors and veterans on reverse mortgages and government funded opportunities.

Tonya Sherrill-Bond, North Nashville Leadership Council discussed community benefit agreements and the importance of “creating benefits for neighbors and communities from development”; Mark Wright, from the Helping Hand Foundation, spoke on wills and estates, i.e., ‘Using Property for Affordable Housing Causes’; and Robert Greene, attorney, closed with information regarding probate, liens, quitclaim deeds, and real estate fraud.

“I am very thankful for the leaders, residents, and guests for their attendance and engagement,” said Latonya Sherrill-Bond. “Much gratitude to each of the presenters for sharing their expertise and experience on topics that were discussed. It was an impactful, much needed and enlightening event.”

The response since the event has been inspiring.