Dionne Jermeia praise award winning praise and worship leader

Dionne Jermia  (Courtesy Image)

Dionne Jermia (Courtesy Image)

It’s no secret that God’s own songbird Dionne Jermeia was born to sing—and sing well she does. Her life is a testimony in more ways than one. As a child, her birth mother gave her up to live with her godparents in Clarksville, Tenn. As Dionne tried to deal with such a hurtful rejection, she learned that music would soothe the pain, her fears and ultimately heal her pain.

At an early age her spirit and talented vocal abilities became her dependable platform. She grew up in her father’s church singing in the choir and in various community events. At age 11, Dionne led a song during the National Baptist Convention held in Nashville, Tenn. This event housed an audience of nearly 3,000 attendees. For Dionne it just got better as noted Grammy Award winning (secular) female artists such as Whitney Houston and Toni Braxton caught the young songbird’s voice. Inspired by such a blessing of notoriety, she grew up imitating them and giving herself voice lessons through them. Her father did not approve of this music and simply forbade her to sing that genre of music.

But that didn’t stop Dionne. She would sneak and listen to the soulful rifts and runs that these ladies skillfully belted out. As a teenager, Dionne Jermeia felt the desire to sing secular and began to stray away from her Christian upbringing. While trying to make it big in the R&B world, she realized that God was calling her to minister in song in a different direction for him.

After accepting the call, her world began to change all around her. Dionne begins to see herself becoming what God wanted her to be. She began to allow God to come in and heal her of her past hurt and through singing for the Lord.

Dionne Jermeia was resurrected from rejection and remains excited how the anointing of God flows through her to minister to his people. She is even more excited to see countless lives changed by this anointing. There are no words to describe Dionne’s sincere feelings on her anointing and blessed awakening.

“I really want to be a willing vessel for God, and give him all the glory in everything I do,” she said.

“For it is He who has blessed me with such an awesome gift, and He who will continue to bless me and my family in all endeavors of this world.”

Dionne is a proud Mother of four children, a degreed professional and a woman of God who willingly gives of herself to God, her church, family and community.

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