Trump supporters raise red flags

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

It’s great to live in a country where you have freedom of choice, but it does not help when you don’t have what many consider viable candidates to ponder for the presidency, the highest office in the world. There are many potential voters finding it hard to decipher whom to vote for with the two candidates offered. Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate, and Donald Trump is the Republican—both are seen by some as flawed.

The truth of the matter is that you find a growing number of voters doubting the credibility of both candidates, questioning their veracity. However, Trump (unlike Clinton) has manifested time and time again that he is a loaded gun with little if any diplomacy. He has presented a presumptuous disposition and made racist remarks toward Hispanics, Blacks, and women. He is slow to apologize if apologize at all, and has not disassociated himself from what we all know are racist hate groups. In fact, a recent video where he shows very little respect for women speaks for itself. Defending and supporting Trump at this point should not be an option, regardless of party loyalty.

However, you can still find those who can forgive and support Donald in what he considers private ‘locker room’ banter as he belittles women as sexual toys. Instead of being condemned and berated for not paying income taxes for some 20 years, he is hailed by some as being shrewd and business savvy in using the loopholes provided by the law. He unabashedly claims that this is standard practice by his big business friends and the elite. His childlike tirades have become legendary and distance him from being seriously considered presidential.

Trump doesn’t’ practice what he preaches. He attacks big businesses for taking many of their operations abroad when he is a main participator in taking his own business abroad to avoid taxes and save money. His propensity to use force and threats instead of diplomacy against his adversaries will catapult our country into unwanted and disastrous wars. No question about it, Donald Trump is a recipe for disaster.

For some, Hillary brings with her a litany of public doubts, relating to trust and believability—especially regarding her handling of Benghazi and classified e-mails. She has received private donations toward her campaign from big businesses and wealthy people. But ironically, she claims she is for supporting legislation requiring the wealthiest people to pay their fair share of taxes. She has become extremely wealthy using the system she adamantly claims to want to change.

While older African Americans for the most part give Hillary their support, you find many younger Black voters questioning her ability to change things for the better in the Black community or continuing in supporting the status quo. Some young undaunted Blacks are skeptical of her promises and concerns and are quick to portray her as a wolf in sheep clothing.

Many people would argue that Hillary has experience on her side as a senator and Secretary of State. It appears her biggest trump cards are having access to her popular husband the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton, as an advisor and consultant—along with the fact she would be the first woman president.

She has also manifested that she can use diplomacy and make hard decision whether popular or unpopular when necessary.

As a potential voter you may not care for either candidate, but a vote for Trump is seen as a vote for racism and a divided country according to many people of color. I guess some people are opting to pick what they see as the better of two evils.

Many people of color, especially African Americans, see their supposed White’s friends supporting Trump as showing their true colors. It should not be surprising that many people see supporters of Trump as nothing more than racists and hate mongerers. It is apparent to many Americans that no amount of excuses or rationalizing can dismiss the atrocities awaiting our country if Trump is elected president.

At this point, regardless of your allegiance to the Republican Party, if you don’t distant yourself from Trump it may come back to bite you—especially for those in public office. Some people would argue that supporting Trump (regardless of party loyalty) after what he has said and displayed lacks a moral conscience.

All registered voters should vote regardless of how hopeless you may feel. Also, be mindful that ‘write-ins,’ as well as not voting at all, are basically supporting Trump. Voting is your greatest right. Use it. Don’t let hate win.