Workshop opens Temple Church 16th Business Expo

It’s time once again for the 16th annual Business Expo at the Temple Church, 3810 Kings Lane.

On Saturday, October 22, the Business Expo will kick off with a business workshop, ‘How to Succeed in an Ever Changing World.’ From 10 am till 2 pm, entrepreneurs and potential business owners will have privy to information that will help in many areas of business. Guest speakers will provide marketing strategies used ‘now and then.’

“There may be someone aspiring to open a new business or needing ideas to improve on their current business,” said Geraldine Steele. Those attending will get information on funding and much more from invited speakers.

The day will begin with registration at 9:30 am. A networking session and breakfast starts at 10 am, followed by speakers and more networking.

Speakers for this event will be Carolyn Waller of the Black Chamber and Marilyn Robinson, founder of the Minority Enterprise Development Center.

This event began 16 years ago as a part of MED Week. When Marilyn Robinson invited the churches to participate in the Nashville MED Week activities, The Temple Church, under the leadership of the late Bishop Michael Lee Graves, decided to put together a business exposition that would allow the members who were entrepreneurs to display their goods and services. Under the guidance of Andre Moore, they gathered as vendors in the gym. The next year, they repeated the process. The activity began to grow, and the church invited other vendors from the community.

The Business Expo is held on Sunday as the coordinators provided the vendors with an available audience immediately following the morning worship service. This marks the 8th year for the added component of the workshop. As this is a business expo, it was deemed appropriate to provide additional information that would be helpful to businesses. Thus, the workshop was included on the Saturday prior to the Sunday Expo.

Sixteen years later, The Temple Church continues to hold this annual business expo. Although it is now outside of the MEDWeek activities.

“We wouldn’t be doing this if MEDWeek hadn’t brought it into the churches,” said Steele. “We are grateful for the opportunity and I always believe in passing the torch.”

The Temple Church is located at 3810 Kings Lane, currently under the leadership of senior pastor Darrell A. Drumwright.