Art of barbering expanded

Master Barber Tre Trimz (Photo: Trimzolgy)

Master Barber Tre Trimz (Photo: Trimzolgy)

Once upon a time the art of cutting hair in the barbershop was solely a male oriented occupation. In fact it was years before women began to feel comfortable in ‘the shop,’ not to mention making a living with this craft. Mr. Tre Trimz is one of many who has chosen to highlight the explosion of the female barber. He is even putting pen to paper on some of the industry’s most useful how-tos. His (no pun intended) cutting edge book SheCutz will be available soon for all interested.

Known to many via his website as ‘The Groomer,’ Tre joins many Americans as one who has earned his living in other ways before deciding to become a professional, award winning barber. He worked in corporate marketing and sales for an adult beverage company, specializing in branding their products for the general public. Today Tre brings that experience and staunch customer service to the barber industry.

He prides himself and his staff on keeping up with the latest rules and regulations while providing seamless service to his clients through continuous education and a hands on approach. Heavily influenced by his mother, a professional and successful cosmetologist and salon owner, Tre began this trade at age 12.

He can do and teach it all. From waves to fades to shapes to lines and more, Tre Trimz stays up on the latest trends, from old school to 2016. What is such a craft called? If a name were to be put on such dedicated crafting and technology, he’d no doubt call it ‘Trimzology.’

As the 21st century evolves, so do the various trends including the art of barbering. The rising number of female enrollments in barber colleges continues to increase and stabilize. One particular interview with a high profile lady cutter revealed that her humble beginnings stemmed from the neighborhood barbershop. The trends within the shops have changed as well. Unless a man was in the entertainment industry or earned his coins as a model, getting an eyebrow arch may not have crossed his mind.

Now the stats nationwide can be reflective of numerous women joining in the cutting fun. Barber colleges, professional seminars, and social media courses are now paying homage to women entering or updating their already honed skill sets.

On October 24, the SHB International Studio will present ‘Trimzology.’ The invitation has been extended to both those in the barber and beauty industry and guests. The location is 1401 3rd Avenue, Conway, S.C. For additional information, e-mail or (704) 313-8302.