A Healing House launches in Nashville

Healing House Founder/CEO  Mrs. Andrelia Gooch-Williams

Healing House Founder/CEO
Mrs. Andrelia Gooch-Williams

Andrelia Gooch-Williams is the founder of the Nashville based ‘Healing House,’ a combined ministry and community resource.

The Healing House’s goal is to provide their services to anyone going through a rough time.

Services can range from clothing, food, household items, or information on where to get additional resources to help. It’s all a part of their mission. Their target audience is anyone needing a helping hand. It’s a combined ministry and community endeavor.

Giving back is nothing new to Andrelia. She is also the founder/CEO of Andrelia’s Personal Touch Catering Co. It’s a catering and special events company, which has supported many fundraisers, served countless meals and provided a myriad of resources for those in need.

Whether it’s feeding and giving custom made gift baskets to the homeless or anonymously pulling a care package together for an individual or a family, she puts a new spin on giving.

Wife, mother, grandmother, mentor, friend too many and confidant, Andrelia often works late and long hours to see a project through. Whether it’s a wedding, baby shower or birthday party to cater, a life event to attend or now the Healing House endeavors, she will give it her all. She works alone and with an assembled team, depending on the labor load. Her core team members and those who sign on to be a temporary pair of hands cheerfully work hard to see the job or project through.

One example is last year’s winter holiday season baskets and giveaways. Each gift was wrapped with color packaging and love. The baskets were filled to the brim with items that she and her family would use. She doesn’t believe in feeding or giving anyone anything that she or her family wouldn’t eat or use themselves. At one outdoor event, Andrelia was videotaped dancing and singing merrily while passing out mittens, gloves and warm socks for the frigid nights ahead. Just a little light heartedness shared with a population often ignored or looked upon with a negative judgment. Her own previous life experiences and restoration is a part of her current day fueling.

No doubt Andrelia will put as much time, talent and bits of her heart of gold, into the Healing House, which is having a fundraiser on November 5 and accepting items to sell for $1 to help raise funds. The venue is located at 2600 Heiman St., Nashville, Tenn. 37208-1816. Andrelia and her Healing House team are available to share kind words and encouragement. Their tag line is: “A supportive place 4 all and needs 4 all people.”

They do not have a website in place yet and ask interested parties and supporters to keep tabs via e-mail at <andreliag52@gmail.com> and their Facebook page at <www.facebook.com/Healing-House>.