Author Teena Harris expounds on Pimp-a-Lo Syndrome


Teena Harris (courtesy photo)

Reading the first of Teena Harris’ two books, I experienced a range of emotions with no two being the same. The two Pimp-a-Lo Syndrome books identified and broke down into stages the syndrome and offered a diagnosis. Yes, the name sounds witty and unique and may even become humorous once a full understanding is embraced. I admit I laughed, cried and marveled at the writer’s wit and on-point intelligence, finding myself captivated by every page turn. Both books were excerpts taken right out of the pages of those in some form or fashion are involved or associated with the ‘Pimp-a-Lo Syndrome.’ My own Grandma Mattie would say: “too smart for their own good or too stupid to know that they aren’t smart at all, just nickel slick.”

At the risk of sounding cliché, Harris is a beautiful woman inside and out. She is a staunch professional with years of experience in her field. She has a smile that can melt the hardest of hearts and confidence steeled and tempered by living life on life’s on terms no matter what. Both the Pimp-a-Lo Syndrome books (I and II) get right down to the nuts and bolts of defining many snags and traps of an abusive, non-productive relationship. But they also provide some much-needed clarity on healthy, impacting relationship and relationships goals—how to get there and how to stay there and how to be equals on all levels with each other.

Harris is energetic and focused. She is a visionary speaker, consultant, grant writer, clinical professional, and humanitarian. Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., she has lived in some southern states and has written two books, concerning healing the human condition, Pimp-a-Lo Syndrome I and II, with thought provoking, helpful workbooks.

Harris has won academic grants and has been commended by numerous organizations for her work in the helping profession. Unfortunately, domestic violence is a year-round eye sore (not just during the month of October). Harris has volunteered some of her time to the domestic violence community. Some of her other altruistic contributions include her contribution with various youth organizations, the Department of Justice, HIV awareness programs, and sexual assault centers.

Not one to get caught up in her own PR, she remains humble and open to progressive coaching and positive direction. Some of the Pimp-a-Lo Syndrome readers left heartfelt testimony and commentary after reading either one or both of her books. She and her readers gain strength and an even better understanding of the literary and humane contributions kept safely in the pages of both her page turners. It’s unique to be empathetic enough to capture the essence and feel the vulnerability of a writer, sharing any part of their story. Surely the name alone is enough to capture the attention of the masses, but it is what lies between the pages, chapter by chapter that truly counts here.

Both Pimp-a-Lo Syndrome I and Rocked to Sleep Recovery the Pimp-A-Lo Syndrome II with workbooks can be obtained through Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and other online outlets. For additional information, contact publicist Camille Horton at 615-578-3689.