Mai Bees Southern Cuisine in Germantown

Melissa Johnson, publicist for Mai Bees along with Tony Mazzoli, a satisfied customer. (photo: Deborah A. Culp)

Melissa Johnson, publicist for Mai Bees along with Tony Mazzoli, a satisfied customer. (photo: Deborah A. Culp)

Mai Bees Southern Cuisine recently opened in the Germantown section of Nashville located at 1200 Buchanan St. at 15th. Germantown was established by German immigrants in the 1850s. Other European immigrants called the historic area home, and it soon became known as Nashville’s first suburb.

The neighborhood was born with many large brick town homes were erected next to modest worker’s cottages. This provided an early example of a mixed-use neighborhood with a diverse socio economic population. Today the area is an eclectic mix of modern and old style businesses and families. Mai Bees and their cornucopia of great foods, foods, beverages and desserts, fits into the place like a designated puzzle piece.

The venue is a family style restaurant successfully run by actual family members. Each customer is treated with courtesy and respect whether they order and run, or slowly mull over each selection and then order. Customers have a daily choice of mouth-watering entrees and side dishes, homemade from scratch. There are seven days in a week and seven specials align the easy to read menu reading along these lines: Sunday — baked chicken and dressing, ham, fried chicken, turnip greens, yams, cabbage and Mac ‘n cheese; Monday — baked chicken, fried pork chops, meatloaf, green beans, (homemade) mash potatoes, beans and cornbread. The menu takes a slight pause as they are closed on Tuesdays. Wednesday through Saturday, Mai Bees presents a myriad of fantastic entrees and side dishes ranging from liver and onions, pot roast, barbeque ribs, Nashville style hot chicken, pork shoulder as well as some of the previously mentioned selections. The owner, Big Ed Williams is just as at home behind the counter as he is interacting with customers or in the kitchen. Mai Bees is a 100 percent family owned and operated venue, erected in the family’s grandmother honor. Sisters, cousins, mother as well as nieces and nephews, all pitch in to keep the food hot and tasty and clean as a whistle. But in the interim they make each customer that calls and order in or walks through the doors feel special and at home.

Cold, tasty beverages are served daily and Mai Bees cherished customers may choose from sodas and specialty fruit teas, like watermelon Tea. Freshly baked or prepared desserts are ready to top off any Mai Bees impacting footplates. Located at 1200 Buchanan St., Nashville, TN 37208 Mai Bees business hours are Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm and Sunday’s from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm (CDT) With ample notice and reservations Mai Bees can accommodate most small or large request. Melissa Johnson is Mai Bees Public Relations Manager and she is the contact person for inquiries.(615) 999-0001, Email: or visit the website at