North Nashville Leadership meets

Tonya L. Sherrell-Bond

Tonya L. Sherrell-Bond

The North Nashville Leadership Council whose focus is to ‘Engage, Educate, Empower’ met in late September at Nisolo Shoe Store, formally the Jones Super Save Grocery store on 9th and Buchanan.

The event’s organizer, Tonya L. Sherrell-Bond said the North Nashville Leadership Council is a group of North Nashville neighborhood presidents, residents, and stakeholders committed to the improvement and preservation of their neighborhoods.

“We provide a platform where information is shared, relationships are formed and stakeholders are encouraged, engaged, educated and empowered about matters that impact their lives and communities,” said Sherrell-Bond.

The initial focus at this particular meeting was information shared by Tennessee State University President Glenda Glover. She said that there were some pre-mature releases regarding the project but here is some in the general information.

“We are looking to develop 87 acres,” said President Glover. “Right now we are calling it Cumberland Shares at TSU, a name not yet finalized.”

President Glover explained that at this point the students have developed the design, which includes a hotel, conference center, a business incubation center, a greenway, parks and more. She said that there are challenges, but “yes we can!”

As she spoke, she shared a power point of her vision at this time. She was also available for questions and answers.

A number of other people spoke, including Charlie Caldwell, Trustee Nashville-Davidson County, Tenn. who shared information about his office and how t makes contact if more information is needed. He spoke and handed out pamphlets regarding Tennessee and Davidson County tax relief and tax freeze programs for seniors and disabled taxpayers in Davidson County.

Sherrill-Bond introduced others in the community that may be resources for the citizenry, as well as those developing new businesses.

“I am perplexed by what our heritage is going for,” Sherrill-Bond said. “We are willing to sell what other people paid for. Stop and think. We are forcing the next generation to start over again.”

The next quarterly meeting is scheduled for December 6 at Autumn Hills, 1010 Camilla Caldwell Lane, with guest speaker M. J. Batson, executive officer of MAM Cultural Center from 6-8 pm.

For further information, call Tonya Sherrell-Bond, organizer, at 615-578-6510.