Expressions of faith: Wasting God’s power

Rev. William Watson

Rev. William Watson

In the Old Testament, war and persecutions challenge the faith of religious practice. Today it doesn’t take wars and physical persecutions to combat our Christian faith. Sadly, these battles among Christians are domesticated within the surrounding of our own worship environment. Such disputes, conflict and disagreement are confined locally within the church walls. God’s power must not be wasted and must be used to do things that glorify Him.

We are a people of a great and mighty king whose strength has been given to us. God’s greatness must be revealed through oneness and must be evidenced by our desires to follow His commands and not those of men. Work together, love one another, and join the army of God by marching forward and pressing onward. Our enemies have been defeated, so fight with confidence. Know that all great things are done by the Lord. How wonderful it is for us to be part of that victory—victory that will some day be celebrated with Christ our Lord and Savior. Jesus told us to “…seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you,” Matthew 6.

A story from our distance past speaks forcefully to Christians today. King Henry IV of France once asked the Duke of Alva if he had observed a recent, great eclipse of the sun. “No,” said the duke, ” I have so much to do on the earth that I have no leisure to look up into heaven.” Personally I think too many Christians’ hearts are so taken up with earthly things that we have no time to look to Christ and the things that will affect our eternal peace.

When will we learn? Humans are accustomed to outward appearances. We’re impressed by what we see. First impressions and outward appearances can be deceiving. Leadership is very important in developing the kind of beauty and power God says is possible—the power that attract others to a relationship with Christ. The only way this can happen is through the commandment of love for one another.

Many Christians misunderstand ‘Biblical fellowship.’ The only kind of fellowship many know in at church after a service. Men stand around and ask each other superficial questions, and their wives are doing the same. Biblical fellowship has the power to revolutionize lives, conversations get deep, hearts get vulnerable, lives are shared, accountability is invited, and tenderness flows. People really do become like brothers and sisters.

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