Shaunna Barbee Ministries impacting conference

Min. Shaunna Barbee Founder/CEO Shaunna Barbee Ministries

Min. Shaunna Barbee Founder/CEO Shaunna Barbee Ministries

Min. Shaunna Barbee, founder of Shaunna Barbee Ministries (manager, Lannie Smith) will present the ‘Fearless Woman Conference’ at Nashville’s own Rocketown venue on Saturday November 5.

This year’s theme is ‘She Fears Not for the Lord is on Her Side.’ It is advised to get there early to take in every nuance of the day. The conference begins at 10 am. Rocketown is located at 601 4th Ave. S. Nashville, Tenn. 37210.

What are the motivations and interests to be addressed at the life-changing event?

“Power, love, a sound mind are those are the gifts you possess,” said Min. Shaunna. “Fear is not from God but it is the main ingredient in a lot of what hinders you from being who God intended you to be, and having what God intended you to have. Fear is the main ingredient for doubt, hatred, procrastination, stress, anxiety, worry, disease, depression and often our unfulfilled purpose. The list goes on and on and on. Are you cooking with fear, or are you cooking with faith? Most of what we do and much of what we ‘don’t’ do, believe it or not, is out of fear. Please come join us and be in prayer from now until the conference. We’ll talk about your ministry, your faith, finances, business endeavors and relationships. You don’t want to miss it. We have some awesome speakers, praise and worship lined up. Fear will be extinguished so that faith can be released and all chains can be broken.”

This educated, talented and powerful woman of God is one of the strongest messengers He sent to make a variable difference in the lives of many. Min. Shaunna is the powerful author of a new bestseller, Meant for Evil, Meant for Good.

She is a sincere worship leader, confidant and friend to many, and sought after speaker. I was blessed to meet this staunch vessel of God’s chosen word at another conference last year. After watching her captivate the room with her humble, but beautiful presence, hearing her speak the word was a breath of fresh air.

Her Facebook ministry page introduction states the obvious: “The light at Shaunna Barbee Ministries,” because this young woman has an independent shine like no other.

Being an unselfish messenger, she takes it all in stride while unconditionally showing others how to shine their brightest—to be the best that God intended for them to be through it all, no matter what. Shaunna Barbee graciously and humbly requests your presence and thanks everyone in advance for his or her support. Surely she is fearless and blessed.

For more information about the ‘Fearless Woman Conference,’ her book or the overall ministry, follow her on social media; call (615) 832-0528; or e-mail <>; or see her all inclusive website