Justin Bautista-Jones receives Rising Advocate Award

Justin Bautista-Jones

Justin Bautista-Jones

On December 6th The Tennessee Celebration of International Human Rights Day will celebrate with the Rising Advocate Award.  This award will be awarded to Justin Bautista-Jones at 5:00 p.m. at the First Amendment Center of Nashville, 1207 18th Ave. in Suite. 200.

The Rising Advocate Award is presented to individuals that have worked to advance human rights for all people.

As a junior Political Science major Bautista-Jones is also the recipient of the Long Haul Awards hosted by the Tennessee Alliance for Progress in November of 2015. “Justin is an incredible 20-year-old whose energy, love, and determination are infectious,” said committee members.

Over the past few years, he has dedicated countless hours to trying to make Nashville and Tennessee a better place. When Insure Tennessee failed during the special session, Justin stepped up to make things happen. He started a “#fast4fairness” campaign where he asked people to fast on Wednesdays during Lent to show solidarity for those in the gap. He traveled to rural, southeast Tennessee to join advocates for a five-day march across Senator Bell’s district to bring attention to the importance of the plan. He marched from North Carolina to DC bringing attention to the dangers of rural hospital closures.

Baptista-Jones also created a “Moral Monday” rally in the Capitol building the week that the legislature voted down Insure Tennessee for the second time. He was one of the organizers for the “March Against Fear,” in response to the violence in Charleston, South Carolina. There were over 100 people in attendance at these events.

“Justin is an inspiration to so many people in the community and across Tennessee,”  “He has the ability to energize and mobilize while he also listens and love.”  He has kept people moving forward in the fight for Insure Tennessee and other vital issues.