Going forward after Donald Trump’s victory

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

The result of this year’s presidential election has left the nation and the world in a state of disbelief and shock as Donald Trump was voted president-elect of the United States of America, becoming the future leader of the free world. It has left many citizens as well as the media trying to dissect or analyze this monumental upset that very few, if any, saw coming.

Many voters are disassociating themselves from recognizing or accepting Trump as president, especially considering a campaign built on harboring racism, bigotry, sexism and unadulterated hate. For many, it is as if a nightmare has materialized.

While many Trump supporters, especially Republicans, are celebrating on this startling victory, you have just as many people (if not more) in shock and disillusioned at the prospects of recognizing Donald Trump as their president. You have college students as well as disenchanted voters protesting in major cities in the country. You have a schism of undeniable momentum that could literally destroy this country as we know it.

A much needed coming together and healing process should be a top priority if this newly elected president cares anything about this country at all. I can only imagine that Trump himself (while blissfully happy) is surprised at the finally results himself. Whether by hook, crook or deception, Donald Trump’s eyes were set on the prize and he can admit job accomplished. But at what cost?

When we settle down from trying to figure out how this unseen political upset came about (leaving us blindsided) then we must accept the reality of what has just happened and try to go forward. Non-Trump supporters must accept the fact that they have been bamboozled, hood winked, and stymied. The saddest part is that many non-Trump supporters contributed to his victory by underestimating his possibility for winning and stayed away from the polls or refused to vote for either primary presidential candidate—literally stacking the deck for Trump. It didn’t help that many voters didn’t see the credibility of either of the two designated presidential candidates, Trump or Clinton. For many, it was picking the better of what they saw as two evils.

The national polls misled the public in providing the truth in projecting what candidate was truly leading. This probably came about because many people, especially Republicans who claimed they disassociated themselves from Trump because of his unsavory antics and racial divisiveness, secretly voted for him behind the closed curtains at the polls.

As a demagogue, Trump sold an undeliverable bag of promises, pandering to those who felt desperate, unheard, and left behind. For more leverage he solicited support from hate groups and racists by attacking immigrant groups and discouraging the inclusion of all Americans.

I have always been told to be careful of what you ask for because you just may get it. Well, Donald Trump is what many voters asked for. May they enjoy the outcome. All the wishing and unrest won’t change the fact that Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America. To add insult to injury, the House and Senate have a majority of Republicans representing his party. They will make appointments stacking the deck in their favor, with the main appointees being members of the Supreme Court—dictating laws and policies affecting us all for many years to come.

This could be disastrous for some minority groups with the possibility of dissolving many of their civil liberties

Yes, we must accept Trump as our president but hold him responsible for making decisions that will help heal the divide that is ever so real. It is quite apparent that there exist a number of groups vigilantly watching his every move, ready to hold him responsible in serving all the people, not just a privy elitist select group.

While Trump has always appeared quick in blaming everyone else for the ills befalling this country, it is now on him. The buck stops with him. Let’s pray and hope, as a country, that he aligns himself with competent consultants and advisors—being mindful of all the citizens in this country. And let’s hope he refrains from his childlike tantrums, realizing it is not all about him.

Since his victory, he has acted presidential, offering the olive branch, vowing to work to unite all American people. He seems to be ready to back step and make considerate amends on many of his controversial views and promises that helped propel him to the presidency—appealing to disgruntled voters as well as racist groups. Let’s hope there is some sincerity in what he is now expressing.

Let’s be mindful that the sun will continual to shine and that we will exist as a country regardless of how some people feel about Donald Trump as our president. It should make us realize how important it is to vote and that exercising that right should not be taken for granted.

Congratulations President-elect Donald Trump. Enjoy the fruits of your labor, regardless of the many Americans who feel they have been played. We will go forward praying and believing that you will do the right thing for all American citizens. Americans are watching you closely, holding you accountable for helping to amend our country’s great divide.