Top Ladies of Distinction holds annual Senior Thanksgiving Dinner

Capitol City Chapter TLOD and Top Teens prepare to serve annual KMST Senior  Disabled Residents Thanksgiving Dinner. (photo by Deborah A. Culp)

Capitol City Chapter TLOD and Top Teens prepare to serve annual KMST Senior Disabled Residents Thanksgiving Dinner. (photo by Deborah A. Culp)

In anticipation of a blessed and bountiful Thanksgiving 2016 for everyone, the Nashville based ‘Capitol City Chapter of Top Ladies of Distinction’ (TLOD) and some of their ‘Top Teens” shared another feast to remember! The esteemed TLOD and vested teenagers facilitated their annual Kelly Miller Smith Towers Apartments (KMST) for the senior and disabled residents. A 3 to 4 course sumptuous meal completed with cold drinks and desserts was served to each resident by the young people on hand. Practically anyone can serve a small feast consisting of; smoked turkey and succulent pork, cornbread dressing, tasty green beans and fluffy sweet potato casserole. But the TLOD and Top Teens do it from the heart and serve it with the quality used when serving their own families.

In addition to the home cooked from scratch meal, the residents enjoyed and evening of genuine live entertainment. As the well mannered, poised teens displayed a variation of talent ranging from; poetry to musical renditions. From both the guitar and piano along with their skilled vocals, they were rewarded with claps and cheers.

That alone is a great thing for the winter holiday season may not be the happiest time of the year for many people. No matter who the people are, how much money they may or may not have or any other factors, the “big 3” can be rough. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve has been deemed the big three, primarily to commercialism and other societal pressures.

The Senior and disabled population can become lonely or depressed easily pretty much from living life on life’s own terms. The terms of life for this population may stem from a myriad of things such as empty nesters, divorces, widowers and other losses.

Physical and mental issues often plague seniors and the disabled population can be faced with that and other limitations. Certainly not all mentioned in this category fall under the same proverbial mantel. There are numerous seniors and disabled persons living highly productive and qualities lives, but still appreciate the special attention quality meal.

No one wants to be forgotten and what a blessing it was each year for the beautiful TLOD and teens to take their time and resources to share with these deserving residents.

Thanksgiving Day is literally just around the corner and the buzz, food commercials and happiness of the holidays has officially begun for the KMST residents, thanks to the Capitol City Chapter of the TLOD and Top Teens.

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