Haynes Manor Neighborhood Association plans annual Christmas party

Senior Highsteppers of Martha Obrien Community Center return for line dance entertainment

Senior Highsteppers of Martha Obrien Community Center return for line dance entertainment. (photo by Wanda Clay)

It’s Christmas time! This is the time of year when many celebrations happen that bring togetherness to organizations, families and neighborhoods.

The Haynes Manor Neighborhood Association is planning their annual holiday Christmas party. The whole neighborhood in the district is invited out to meet some old neighbors, new neighbors and friends on Monday, December 12.

Those attending are asked to bring an ornament for a special Haynes Manor Unity Tree of Streets. It can be a favorite, but it won’t go back home with you. The ornament will be swapped with another as a token of unity.

Those participating in the exchange of gifts must bring a $10 gift to receive a gift from under the tree.

One of the major projects of the HMNA is their effort to be supportive to the community of mankind. This year, they will be providing a monetary gift to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Those who are residents, members of the HMNA and guests of a resident are encouraged enjoy great fellowship, fun, music, and entertainment from the Senior Highsteppers of Martha Obrien Community Center and lots of good food.

The HMNA will also be looking at the interesting and elaborate decorations that make the neighborhood festive during the holiday season.

These decorated homes will be recognized at a later date during the neighbor meeting.

HMNA meetings are held each second Monday of the month at Faith United Church. Residents in the area are encouraged to attend. Valuable information is received concerning the neighborhood, the community and other concerns in regards to the city and state as all citizens are affected.

The president of the association is William Corlew.