Preparing your church for pastoral leadership

Bishop Calvin Barlow

Bishop Calvin Barlow

Most often when we attend church and position ourselves to listen to the word of God from the pastor, we are not wondering about his (or her) qualifications. The titles may range from pastors, ministers, shepherd leaders, even flock handlers—all of which the congregation puts a lot of faith in. That is not a bad thing. But for those earth angels of God to hold such distinguished positions in unselfish capacities, they must be taught ‘how to lead.’ A recent reflection book written by Rev. Calvin C. Barlow is titled Preparing Your Church for Pastoral Leadership – God Sent, But Man’s Choice – Chaos or Affectability.

The publication reads like a sophisticated, to the point ‘how to be the best at what you have been called to do.’ He is the senior pastor at the South Nashville based, Second Missionary Baptist Church, located at 1000 Halcyon, Nashville 37204.

Barlow created the literary road map to serve as a guide for church officers and pastors to unlock the key components of the church structure and culture to sustain church membership in times of tough transition. The seven chapters of the book have been written factually with an easily understandable format to help make concrete leadership decisions. In addition to the page turning chapters, there is a resource section and other points of obtainable references.

He said he was lead to write the book at a crucial time in his life, when his own ministry seemed to be at a standstill due to a pastoral decision of his own making. After acknowledging God’s guidance and call for him to put pen to paper for the book, he dedicates it to his lovely wife Rutha of 43 years. Thirty of those years First Lady Barlow labored and stuck with his pastoral leadership. The wives (or husbands) of the clergy see and live through it all—the good, bad and in between with unconditional love and selflessness. To hold a position of that order is not an easy feat and not given to the meek of heart, but it can be so rewarding.

That dedication covers other pastoral wives (and husbands) and those seeking guidance under the protection of the blessed Holy Spirit. Barlow didn’t write the book to offend anyone in particular and hopes that it will be an invaluable teaching instrument or reinforcement tool.

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