Goodwill Industries construction training graduation launched more success stories

Goodwill Industries Construction Training Graduating Class #30. (photo: Deborah A. Culp)

Goodwill Industries Construction Training Graduating Class #30. (photo: Deborah A. Culp)

Nashville, like many other cities, is enjoying an explosion of new residents monthly, perhaps even daily. The skylines are filled with cranes and construction workers building new condominiums, apartment buildings, houses and businesses faster than most can keep up with. Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee has a six-week ‘hands on’ construction industry-training program open to both men and women.

Nashville Pride Publishing Group’s own Cory Holt was one of the proud graduates at the recent graduation held this month.

Cory joined his seven other classmates (one didn’t attend) and instructor Tim Khan at a small private celebration ceremony. As Matthew, Cameron, Lorrie, Patrick, Patricia, Jeffrey and Kainen stepped up to receive their certificates—emotions ran high in the room. The bulk of Class Number #30 was comprised of men, but there were two women: Lorrie and Patricia. The construction industry is not limited to men only, and women are making groundbreaking changes and a variable difference as well.

The participants walked in knowing something or absolutely nothing about using power or regular tools and the basics of the construction business as a whole. They walk out six weeks later empowered, educated more confident and prepared. The course teaches the core curriculum and life lessons to those seeking productive change through the course. The graduation program included a surprise video of takes over the six-training-week-course, which was made by Instructor Khan, using photographs randomly taken of the class at different intervals and uploaded on You Tube.

The program is funded by donation sales at area Goodwill stores. Goodwill Industry stores are not seen as thrift stores but as a way to change countless lives for the greater good. The proceeds go directly to programs such as this one, supplying jobs in the stores and elsewhere. The construction training certificate program is one of many program options which candidates may apply for in person at the Goodwill Industry Career Centers or online.

The graduates brought in family and supporters to share the joyous occasion with them. To get this talent hot off the proverbial presses, Job developer’s Donazaleigh Powell, Goodwill Industries; Donna Anderson from the Martha O bryan Organization; and People Ready Market Recruiter Stephen Butler attended and spoke with the class. They shared both, potential and confirmed opportunities with the eager and ecstatic class. Preparation is already underway for class number #31, and the slots are open for all to apply.

For more information, contact Instructor Tim Khan at 615-815-5017 or via e-mail at

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