Going forward in 2017

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Contrary to many people fearing the worst with the recent election of Donald Trump as president-elect, this impending year can be redeeming according to one’s personal disposition or perspective. Regardless of the unsavory tactics of hate and racism that catapulted Trump’s victory (with racial tension at a high in this country), one must understand that these stains can be rectified despite the appearance of a stacked deck.

Although there appears to be a hostile and divisive climate evident among us, we are not defeated. The responsible and humane citizens of this country, concerned with the welfare of all citizens, must be vigilant in relentlessly voicing concerns and advocating justice and equality for all. The work must be done in our communities monitoring elected officials and holding them to the fire to do the right thing regardless of party affiliation. One must understand that Trump needs pawns to help execute his professed platform of exclusion and entitlements.

In all honesty, the results of this election should act as a catalyst to bring diverse groups of people together, realizing that we need each other. I can’t speak for other ethnic groups but this year has been a wakeup call for the African American community, galvanizing us to work together collectively for our best interests. We can no longer be quiet and complacent hoping the system will deliver us.

We as Americans cannot afford not to be visible and utilize our voting rights in local and state elections to bring about commendable outcomes. Those elected officials blatantly supporting agendas contrary to the wishes of those who elected them must not be re-elected.

Acquiescing is not an option if we are to move forward making this country the best it can be with liberty, equality, opportunity, and justice for all.
Our conscious voices must collectively ring out, keeping improprieties and conflict of interest at bay. We have a responsibility and obligation to let elected leaders who may entertain hidden agendas, adhere to transparency, making it obligatory. If we fall short, we have no one to blame but ourselves.
I believe that we can reach deep within ourselves and confront the goodness and righteousness that is a part of all of us in the face of uncertainty and trepidation. Then we will find the energy and motivation to go forward with a positive and optimistic disposition, refusing to surrender to what may appear to be the vestiges of doom and gloom.

I challenge the public to go forward with hope and love as combatants to aid in securing a brighter outcome. If we cry out and fight for justice, I truly believe it will prevail in the end. Prayer assisted with action can topple mountains.

Subscribing to a positive and meaningful year will not come about without trials and tribulations but with persistence and commitment. Positive change can come about. Our battle cry should be, “Hate is not an option.”

Remember when some see doom, gloom, and hopelessness, some see hope and the possibility of bringing about corrective and productive change. I can’t speak for everyone, but I refuse to let President-elect Donald Trump steal my joy. I’m motivated to work even harder for equality and justice for all. What about you? Talk is cheap, but action brings about results. Let’s make this memorable year, fighting and bringing about love, justice, and equality for all.