Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse offers live music with Gino Speight & Tight Noise

Gino Speight

Gino Speight

There is a new steakhouse in town for Nashville residents and visitors to the city. Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse, located downtown on the corner of 4th Avenue, is an upscale eatery that offers more than a delectable menu of foods that include U.S.D.A. prime steaks, seafood and sushi. Jeff Ruby’s also offers live entertainment.

On January 19 from 9:30 pm until 11:30 pm, diners will enjoy their meal with great music from Gino Speight of the S.O.S. Band & Tight Noise as they kick off an exciting Thursday evening regiment.

Gino Speight is a versatile entertainer. With over 30 years of experience in live entertainment, performing at weddings, receptions, concerts and dance parties, Gino Speight & Tight Noise will offer the best entertainment to those who visit Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse, the newest edition to an extraordinary experience.

The first of Jeff Ruby’s stable of restaurants, the Precinct, was founded in 1981, with the backing of several professional athletes in Cincinnati, Ohio. With that said, Ruby knew even then that the key to having a successful establishment was to not only have great clientele, but to deliver an absolutely incomparable total dining experience, one that is now known as The Jeff Ruby Experience.

As with his other high-end steakhouses, it is not uncommon for celebrities to visit Jeff Ruby’s and that holds true in Nashville since it’s opening in mid 2016. Because of his background,

“Jeff Ruby is widely considered one of the nation’s preeminent restaurateurs,” according to his web bio.

Following several performances at Jeff Ruby’s and witnessing Gino Speight & Tight Noise in other elements, Dillon Ruby, general manager at the Nashville restaurant, decided to schedule the band on Thursday nights. This will prove to be one of the commitments in consistency and quality that “will keep loyal fans coming back for the ‘total dining experience.’

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