Love, the ultimate solution

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

The answer is often quite obvious when seeking solutions to combat troubling problems plaguing our country and the world. It might sound like an idealistic cliché, but the catalyst in solving problems in our society should be love. Many would argue that any attempt at bringing about concrete productive results to existing problems without utilizing love is irrelevant.

It is ironic how we often look at complicated problems in our society and revert to questionable and exhausting measures to resolve problems that can easily be remedied by applying the concept of love to the equation. We often say that love conquers all. Why not literally utilize that overstated but underused statement?

This means that when we look at solving societal problems, one of the overall goals should be to do what is right and in the best interest of all people—manifesting a humanistic and benevolent outlook. This would require that we be mindful of flawed human characteristics catering to hidden agendas, greed, power, and self-interests. Let’s concentrate on genuinely serving all parties concerned.

Components consisting of justice, righteousness, and truth should be welcomed and chiseled into solutions bringing about meaningful, productive, and equitable results. The inclusion of love in designing solutions to worldly problems confronting the common people should cover all areas of our lives—whether economic, social, political or educational. It should be a no brainer that when you take greed, power and personal self-interests off the table and use the concept of love as the common denominator, the outcome will be more conducive to serving all parties involved.

Can you imagine a world or even a country where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, with laws and policies truly promoting and regulating fairness, justice and righteousness for all, not just a targeted dominate group? Better yet, the powers-that-be should be adamant about correcting the wrongs of their fathers or previous administrations. They should advocate for retribution for descendants of those who were wronged and enslaved, altering their economic status.

In utilizing true love in policies and laws, wouldn’t the equal distribution of wealth be an objective? But this is hard for those operating from a position of power and advantage, whether acquired or inherited.

The universal truth guiding the universe is love, but wicked and self-serving men have manipulated this truth to serve their mundane and clandestine agendas. The majority of people in this country and the world contend to belong to some religious denomination, but many do not share a universal love for those not adhering to their particular faith. Thus many use religion to harbor hate and harm toward others of other faiths.

Common sense should dictate that this approach is neither divine nor sanctioned by the omnipotent God of the universe. Spirituality adheres to love for your fellow brother, and our divine purpose is to love and help each other. Until we adhere to our divine purpose to serve humanity, we will continue to suffer and be visited by atrocities attributed to man’s failure to adhere to divine law. If more of us who truly believe in humanity started to collectively use our gift of love to combat the problems plaguing our society, we can alter what many of us see as a dark and gloomy future.

Love is the answer to overcoming our difficult and often pending problems. Without utilizing love, we will continue to falter or fail in everything we do. While you may not feel you can change the world, you can do your part to make it better. Make love a word that is not just overused but practiced.