TV star Brooklyn Tankard commits to great cause

Queen Brooklyn Tankard (photo: Kevin Goolsby)

Queen Brooklyn Tankard (photo: Kevin Goolsby)

Some may know her for her stunning styles and impressive reign in the hair battle showroom. Others may recognize her as ‘Queen Brooklyn’ from BRAVO’s hit reality show, Thicker than Water, which has broken the network’s all-time ratings record twice. However, major network TV celebrity, film and theater actress, Grammy-produced singer/songwriter/recording artist, motivational empowerment speaker, and business entrepreneur Brooklyn Tankard has recently embarked on one of her most meaningful endeavors yet—becoming an ambassador for Bridge Da Gap (BDG), a non-profit organization that will educate and empower thousands of youth.

BDG was founded by multi-platinum, Grammy nominated music producer Kevin ‘Khao’ Cates, who has engineered chart-topping tracks for artists like T.I., Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly and others. The Atlanta-based organization infuses music produced by Cates with a social-emotional curriculum that teaches young people character-building traits to deal with a number of life’s challenges. It also focuses on educational development all the while making learning fun. Schools nationwide are clamoring for the program, and a tour is planned for 2017.

Recognizing the issues that plague many of today’s urban youth and seeing BDG’s commitment to addressing them, Tankard did not hesitate to lend her support. She immediately jumped on board.

“Khao is an amazing producer, and when we were working together I started seeing different posts on his Facebook about ‘Bridge Da Gap.’ He has it everywhere, even in his house. You could tell he was very passionate about it,” she said. “The more I learned, I was blown away, and from that moment I knew that I was going to be a part of BDG. I told Khao to use me in any way needed as my heart was immediately attached to the cause. There are three things that I love: music, children, and giving back. So I thought this was a perfect combo.”

As an ambassador, Tankard will play a valuable role in further exposing the organization on a national level as well as making appearances at middle schools, high schools and colleges to teach courses and connect with students. She is a notable name on a roster of other high profile individuals who are supporting Bridge Da Gap, including actress Meagan Good, NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott, Charles Schwab Foundation President Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, and renowned surgeon Dr. Ben Carson.

“BDG is extremely important because it fills a void,” Tankard said. “In our world everyone is affected by music. It is a great way for people to learn, especially if they are creative. BDG can change our communities, it can change our nation.”

2017 looks to be a dynamic year for the starlet. Aside from BDG, she is starring in the movie, Hav Faith, available now in select theatres, and releasing her debut album entitled I Am Royalty. She is working on additional television projects and has even started a professional mentoring program for men and women.

With all that she is doing, Tankard’s ultimate goal is to utilize her celebrity platform to make a difference everywhere she can.