Business Coach hosts 2017 breakout abundance courses, part I

Business Coach Renee Bobb

Business Coach Renee Bobb

January is the first year of the month and another opportunity to start over, upgrade and do something different for progression and success. This is especially true for business owners and entrepreneurs. Award winning and highly successful Nashville based empowerment coach, author and successful entrepreneur Coach Renee Bobb has launched a series of courses to help make that and more possible. On Janaury 17, she held the seminar ‘Organization Types Pros and Construction Business Structure’ at Woodbine Community House, 643 Spence Lane.

One of her key speakers was a well-versed attorney, Anthony Adewumi, with Cobb and Waiters, PLLC. Adewumi is a graduate of MTSU and a member of the Kappa Alpha Phi fraternity. He delivered a powerful message to a full room of an attentive audience.

“He is educating us on the best legal structure for your business—dynamic and educational,” said Coach Bobb to the attendees.”

As always she instructs the pre-registered attendees to bring plenty of business cards to network and promote themselves with.

Another great suggestion is to have an empty pocket or other receptacle to house the business cards that attendees will receive as well. On January 19, Bobb facilitated another successful ‘Year of the Breakout’ workshop.

Important details and knowledge was shared on matters and areas such as the following: how to get crystal clear about the things you seek to manifest in 2017 in your life; tips and strategies that can be used to overcome procrastination to create the life desired; and how to really set goals and create abundance in every area of life including financial, spiritual, health, fun, family, relationship, business and career goals.

Bobb said there are also 10 specific strategies that can be used to motivate participants daily to do the things they have always wanted to do. Some of the latter included things like starting a business, writing a book, losing weight, securing a better life, returning to school, taking that ultimate vacation and other topics that contribute to the best quality of life possible.

Earlier in January her company, Renee Bobb, Inc. (RBI) Enterprises, launched what is said to be an effective and utilizable program and book entitled the ‘89 Days Transformation Program.’ The program was designed to empower individuals and businesses to create abundance in every area of their lives, as well as to empower others to create the life they desire to live. Coach Bobb implemented the program and literature to teach strategies specifically to help recipients overcome their fears and to learn how to turn various passions into the ideal opportunities. The training points out how to identify and overcome anything that is blocking ones ultimate success. Specific instruction is included on mastering income generating strategies and how to track and control and better manage time, and instructions on how to identify a product and/or service that will help to generate income and much more. Surely knowledge is the key to any long-term success and trainings, so seminars and products are offered for business/entrepreneurial upgrades that may prove to be priceless and worth their weight in gold.

Recipients of the ‘89 Day Transformation Program’ are exposed to tips on how to bounce back from a major setback and to receive access to a weekly podcast facilitated by Coach Bobb. Another kindred informative workshop took place on January 21.

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