Exit of class, personified

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

By the time you read this editorial, President-elect Donald Trump will have been sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America, to many Americans disbelief. Regardless of how you feel about the man, it ‘is what it is, as we exercise what is supposed to be the democratic process now in place. We now must agree that there are flaws, such as the Electoral College, that need to be corrected to make sure we have a true democracy where the majority vote is respected.

A comparison that is quite obvious among the American public is that Donald Trump is no Barack Obama. In fact, many find it sad when they think of the disrespect and lack of diplomacy Trump brings to what was once considered the most prestigious and honored position in the world. Let’s be frank, the truth of the matter is that Trump has soiled and debased the office of the presidency—literally making this country the talk and laughing stock of the world.

The high standards, moral fortitude and skill at diplomacy accompanying most presidents have been thrown out the window. Regardless of what Trump claims he can do, he has shown us a negative and deplorable image that should be inexcusable and unacceptable. But yet there are those who (for whatever reason) refuse to address the emperor as naked. We can only derive that for some he was their ‘answer’ by addressing their hopelessness—or what many people of color feel as exercising blatant racism.

Well it is done and we can only brace ourselves and see what happens. Who knows but we as a country may eventually come together to mitigate the maelstrom awaiting us ahead. Based on Trump’s previous behavior one can only wishfully hope he doesn’t self-destruct.

For most people of color and people respecting an atmosphere of decency and respect, there is no mistaking it. They will miss the past president and his family. There is no question that former President Barack Obama and his lovely wife Michelle manifested a presence of intelligence and class that we as a country we can be proud of.

In fact, the world as a whole had a love affair with Obama and his wife. As a couple they were extremely educated gracious, caring, respectful, and benevolent. They manifested family values and morals raising their two daughters, Malia and Sasha that resonated to all families—making the Obamas more ingenuous and identifiable to the American public.

Obama exuded personality and charisma even with those who were dead set on making sure his proposed agenda fail. He refused to be riled or to present himself in an unprofessional or disrespectful manner.

Whether you liked Obama’s political views or not, you had to admire and respect his style and diplomacy. Try as they could, his political enemies (as well as the media) were unable to find a scandal to rattle his administration or defame his character. It is not often you can boast of a president that is literally squeaky clean, and for that we give him five stars.

Obama was only overshadowed by Michelle who empowered all women with her intelligence, charm, vigor, grace, humbleness, and strong will to make a difference. She represented the embodiment of what all women can be or are capable of achieving. She can be used as the quintessential female role model, especially for Black women—negating those gold digging, empty headed and shallow Black women portrayed in too many reality shows. No doubt, hands down, she is the real deal.

Barack and Michelle showed us what a married couple does to get it right. They gave us an example to follow by manifesting an ingenuous aura that warrants being duplicated. Finesse, style, charisma, personality, grace, diplomacy, fun, and humbleness are just a few adjectives describing their reign. They made us laugh, they made us cry, but most of all, they made us proud.

I think I speak for the nation as a whole, especially African Americans, that we are forever indebted to former President Barack Obama and his family for helping tear down negative stereotypes and showing the world the greatness that can be found in people of color. We have witnessed dignity and class personified.